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  1. All Cars Stop Here

    Hi Dave You might have to get some Japanese outline HO figures 1/80 by Tomix or Kato I have not seen any Chinese style figures in the model railway marketplace. For school children and business, types the Japnese figures would probably do the job but don't have any ideas for the more traditional Chinese type dress Warning Japanese HO scale is expensive as it is considered to be very big in size in Japan and is not a common scale unlike "N" I shudder to think what they would consider "O" or larger to be regards John
  2. I would suggest having a look at the Con-Cor 86' Hi-cube boxcar they come in several road names not that important which one. As its a clearance set and test wagon. If the layout is not permanent as such, have a look on youtube at how the Japanese do modular layouts could be something useful in how they do theirs They work in how on earth do you build a layout in those kinds of spaces but they do and some of the modules are very impressive,and smaller I believe than we would ordinarily make them and they only have legs a few inches long so they can be sat on an ordinary table. Sort of something like this narrow gauge only in "N" scale and with more than one module regards John
  3. Hi AJV1 If you make your framing right you can get the necessary bumps built into the ends with enough strength to support the railway and scenery. There is nothing that says the line has to be built on a perfect rectangle or square table. Even if you don't run US trains get an 86' high cube boxcar or something of similar size to set clearances with then you won't have many visitors that can't get around the layout. I have one for my OO scale for the same reason. regards John
  4. Hi AJV1 After some research. If you can fit them in I would use 4th radius curves Peco list them as being 333.4 mm or 13 1/8" radius, big enough to start thinking flex track. Or if that is too big go with the 3rd radius which is listed as 298.5 mm or 11 3/4" radius. Peco ST17 3rd radius set track double curve 8 per circle Peco ST19 4th radius set track double curve 8 per circle Oh, and the little red Peco track spacing gauge is very useful as it will also give you the platform edge distance get a few of them they are easy to loose. Also, remember the radius is measured to the centerline of the track Hope this helps regards John
  5. Hi AJV1 The minimum radius for "N" scale is nine inches this equates to 1st radius curves in "N" or if you wish very sharp train set curves. They are available from PECO as part of the set track range. I would NOT recommend the 1st radius curves, with the wide range of "N" available you may find you can't run what you want. As a side note, they are very good for industrial tracks fitted into tight places. The old general advice still applies use nothing less than second radius curves Long time since I was in "N" so I am not sure what it was again Peco make second radius curves. With the sharper curves, I found set track easier to deal with for those. regards John
  6. Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway

    Hi Chris Your next micro Can't be mine Kiso Forest Railway and Puffing Billy coaches don't quite match the theme they are 2'6" gauge for a start Regards John
  7. Warning Signs For Model Railways?

    So when are you putting a small one on terminus all change for the plastic people and a reasonable sized on on the layout for the big people who should know better. regards John Hi alI I did see a sign once that said look with the eyes, not the hands. regards John
  8. Chris' workbench

    Hi Chris Dumped on the side. In that case go for the small couplings even a dumped one is likely to still have couplings for a while at least, and for want of a better name old wood grey paint and rust and just a little black and red oxide But still metal wheels and wire holes in couplings just in case you go mad and change gauge. Remember OO9 is still OO scale regards John
  9. Chris' workbench

    Hi Chris Common sense applies fit couplings no point building a wagon you can't use as a wagon later, unless being built as a wagon load Red oxide and black iron work ? Think about fitting metal wheels if not already done the ones in the pictures look like plastic? so it could be a bit light regards John
  10. Traffic jam, FCPyF style.

    And there was me thinking OK which one broke down! regards John
  11. 009 flexi radius

    Hi Chris Might be worth printing a couple of the template sheets and having a play. you might be able to get something workable in the space you have to play with. Something with (if you can find one) the Pola brickworks kit as the center piece could be interesting or perhaps just build some brick kilns like the ones J Ahern made. regards John
  12. 009 flexi radius

    Hi Chris I think you will be up the proverbial well-known Aussie creek uphill in a barbed wire canoe without a paddle on that one. The smallest narrow gauge layout I know of is 40cm X 50cm and that used Egger-Bahn curves which are less than the standard minimum 9" radius. The closest to Egger-Bahn track available today is made by minitrains but be aware that according to the manufacturer it is not compatible with Peco track The attached may prove useful in your deliberations Gleisplanung-10-2016 planing minitrains.pdf Hopefully, it works regards John
  13. buz rail workshops

    Hi All Not a very good picture but after an eternity have finally started to add smaller details. Still, a few to go but the smaller bits seem to be getting hard to get. so far only a Langly coal bunker and a Keroby (Aus brand HO scale) shovel. Still, have to get out the 10/0 brush and do a bit of a touch-up on the paint. regards John
  14. New Walmington Pier regauging - 2017

    Hi piermaster Does that mean room for the public to walk down the pier and possibly more entertainment space at the end of the pier?? The Kato chassis should make it a nice slow reliable model. You really must do something about that shocking mixed bathing it's just not on " Call the police!!" regards John
  15. Fablewood (Coed y Chwedlau)

    Have you tried the driver from the model scene set sold by Peco this is I think the ex-Merit crew failing that try a metal crew figure no awkward base to worry about. On a small loco like that you would probably only have a driver Mind you an over crewed B class would look nice with sander, coal breaker, fireman and driver regards John