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  1. new year new project

    Hi all I have only been able to do a few minutes here and there at the moment So I am trying to do work that makes a bit of an impact. The vegetation is starting to thicken up. full front on view of the station The station area still needs some detail work like a working lamp pole single passenger a bit more greenery along the fence and maybe a cat. regards John
  2. Beaminster Road - Through Hardy's Wessex

    Hi Tim DCC concepts ?? regards John
  3. new year new project

    Hi Tim Why Japan I know the quality of the donor motor chassis brand from my "N" gauge days (a long long time ago) Cost the passenger train, goods train and rail car sets with addition of motor chassis and trailer wheel and weight set work out at about fifty pounds per individual train pack to working model. Where easy and affordable to order from Japan so not a large expense if it turned into an oops fail. Easy to modify display kit into working model they are designed for that and make it round the Jouef Decauville curves which are about 6" radius and the track is no longer manufactured. I have never done a micro or narrow gauge before good winter project OOP'S its now summer and it seemed like a good idea at the time. By comparison the EX WD WHR Baldwin was near enough to one hundred and twenty four pounds is no good for the micro but will work on the larger layout when I get back to it but its just a loco at that price not a whole train. The real narrow gauge layout that is started is just a bit bigger and only base frame at the moment I got kind of distracted then volunteered for a Japanese cultural event because it is Japanese out line. So have to get on with it faster than I like doing things. The micro is just left overs from other projects and a few bits that where specifically bought for it oh! and a mistake purchase that was the station fence grabbed the wrong one but at least it is of use now regards John
  4. Beaminster Road - Through Hardy's Wessex

    Hi Tim It will be interesting to see how playing with the platform dimensions works. regards John
  5. new year new project

    Hi all The station area is taking shape TGW fencing has been added and a bit more platform surface Hopefully the currently highly visible join will be less obvious when the paint has properly dried. It had to be extended to suit the rail-car being used on the layout, I have no idea if the white post is correct but it makes logical sense as a marker for the rail car driver. The white spot has since gone a plaster speck not noticed before the picture was taken. I still find it amazing that a small amount of work on a layout this small has such a big impact. regards John
  6. Beaminster Road - Through Hardy's Wessex

    Hi Tim Thanks for the links very interesting. Look forward to seeing more liked the pictures of the short trains with bigish looking locomotives. How are you doing the plants that add a splash of color commercial made or home made? regards John
  7. Hi Best instructions for these put wallet back in pocket don't purchase them to begin with. Try that with a seven coach HST or 8 coach (Modern) locomotive hauled train I think that will have fun trying to get up that slope. They have a horrendous grade that many modern locomotives with a reasonable train just can't cope with due to lack of steel rails and magnadehsion. that design used to be a pinkish brick color back in the 1960's these really are a train set item and a very old and well past there use by date design. They rise something like 1" in 15" far to steep for non magnadehsion and steel rails and you need the additional side walls etc to hold them and the track together. The recommendation for the steepest model railway grade is something more like 3/8" in 12" a very big difference. If you must use a commercial grade making product instead of making it yourself out of wood as part of the base board construction, the woodland scenics grade track base is a better bet not that I personalty would us that either The best use for incline piers I have seen was a load of the more modern looking Hornby high piers used to hold up an entertainment pier built by a certain member of this parish but they are all the same height no grade. regards John
  8. Beaminster Road - Through Hardy's Wessex

    Hi Tim Simple is good many people make the mistake of overcrowding the layout with track leaving precious little space for scenery. As long as there is enough track for your needs and enough for operating fun that's fine the old less can be more. I assume the upper loop siding is where the creamery is? regards John
  9. Cheap and cheerful creamery

    Hi Tim Have only just seen this thread all I can say is WOW! great work. I am guessing the creamery started as a coaling stage and water tower and or sanding facility possibly made by Ratio. Still needs a business name, possibly a food grade stainless steel bulk milk tank? and lights. As to one of your earlier comments no I try and avoid the like button, I see it as being lazy when I should really be saying something. regards John
  10. Non-kettle buffer question

    Hi Tim If you mean the hut you are using as a scale hut. I think it is the Crossing Keepers hut. regards John
  11. new year new project

    Hi Franco Well its got two already it's Japanese outline and it's narrow gauge The rest is work it out as I go regards John
  12. new year new project

    Hi all Well the hill is dry and the cut is starting to be blended in. A train will get passed the rocks and bushes and the nasty bright green stand out like a sore thumb, suppressor is now not so obvious The rock face still needs a minor touch up and I found a couple of stones outside that sort of match the rock face to dump at the base of the cutting. Hopefully I can find a couple more. When I get this completed I can get back to the real layout. regards John
  13. new year new project

    Hi all It's not easy being green For my next trick leave it alone for how ever long it takes to dry, a lot longer than usual because of the concoction used for the final coat regards John
  14. new year new project

    Hi all Forgot to add this pic last night this is the rock face that is mostly hidden from view not a single rock casting used regards John
  15. new year new project

    Hi all Well still nothing done on the main layout however the winter distraction has moved on a bit. I now have a terrifying deadline a friend has asked would I take it to a Japanese culture event in Perth early next year The hill is now attached to the layout the rock face is all round the back and basically done it just needs the base blended in with ballast etc After all the measuring and checking I hope the problem rail-car will get round the back of the hill without catching now the hill is attached, If not that's fatal to the layout because it can't be fixed without destroying the layout The front is now blended in it does have some lumps and bumps but they don't show well in the picture at least the slope looks right. Tomorrows challenge will be to leave it alone after the colored anti white chip layer goes on. Because it will be a mix of primary school paint PVA and plaster and only a little water the drying time of the plaster will increase dramatically, but once dry a hard crack resistant surface will result. The hill should break up the roundy-roundy effect Err I hope. The small 5t container hiding behind the still unfinished building is for the shop cool room regards John