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  1. More mucking about with New Walmington Pier

    Hi Dave Don't know how I missed this. Looking really good love the early plane on the back scene. I will stick with the tram those new fangled flying machines will never catch on Looks like I got 3.5 seconds of fame regards John NO report to the headmaster immediately regards John
  2. new year new project

    Hi all Well the odd shaped board has turned into a two hay bale nightmare. It is just about ready for legs now but still needs a few bits of wood added. I decides this board is going to get the pieces needed for the fascia boards to be attached, added at construction and the cable mounts as well I want this one done completely except track bed when it is set up with the other two for pattern makers dowels. The other two can have the fascia mounts added after this one is done then it can be moved from the work shop to where I plan on putting it. regards John
  3. new year new project

    Hi all Now an idea of the odd shape and size of the last section The short piece of aluminum is fixed in place the long one is just sitting there so an idea of shape can be got. It will have to be properly set up and cut to length about where the bit of wood is siting across both of them. regards John
  4. new year new project

    Hi all Just which lunatic had the idea of the last board being an odd shape . Spent the afternoon wrestling with that odd shape and am only getting there very slowly, as you have to triple think each stick. Will be glad when I get onto the other half so the aluminum can be attached and the straight forward bit can happen. regards John
  5. new year new project

    Hi all The pattern makers dowels where a real pain to get right I had to have a couple of goes at getting the depth right. regards John
  6. Little Lawley

    Hi Chris We all have times when the motivation is somewhat lacking. Try putting a ramp on the platform and a fence at the back. regards John
  7. new year new project

    Hi all Today we get the first idea as to how big the layout really is. The first two sections have been leveled and clamped together ready for pattern makers dowels and bolts. Picture from Nicky's phone. Me caught having a break can't rush these things regards John
  8. new year new project

    Hi all Second section done just needs joining plates and pattern makers dowels so the two sections can be joined. then onto third section. sorry about slightly blurry picture it was taken with Nicky's mobile phone regards John
  9. Hi Dave Thanks for that. A rather nice selection of layouts. A shame about the been there done that plates on the narrow gauge. I found them a bit of a distraction from what really is a very well done layout. Looking at what's on the layout I am wondering if it is an Estate railway that is used as a tourist trap during tourist season. Given the cane trucks and bulkhead flat trucks it looks more a working railway that tourist orientated railway. regards John
  10. Little Lawley

    Hi Chris Did you check the point over before laying it good idea to check the tags on the spreader bar are properly pushed in and all other bits underneath are OK. Some times the little tags that transfer the power from the stock rail to the blades need a little tweek with a jewelers screw driver be gentle they bend real easy and are easily broken. Also check the back to back measurement is correct on Wilbert that the pick ups are clean and making good contact with the wheels are the wheels clean? Is the track clean it has to be clean dirt is your worst enemy this will cause HR contacts which makes things stop or stutter. Layout size doesn't matter the same attention to track work and wiring etc is required for good reliability so check all your rail joints as well. Its an insulfrog it should not need more wiring however the question does need to be thought about should I have used an electrofrog point for this layout. At worst you will need to run extra feed wires to the track with some switches and possibly some insulated joints so you can switch off the feed from the area it is not wanted, You should not need to mess about trying to solder wires to the insulfrog point. Wiring is not the mystic dark art it sometimes seems to be. Just do what I did learn a little bit at a time as you need to do something, then more as you want to be able to do something a bit more fancy. regards John OH and after thought! is the track fixed down if not that will allow the track to move possibly enough to break the electrical contact
  11. new year new project

    Hi all Done regards John
  12. new year new project

    Hi all Well given that more board work is out for now some time was spent getting some trains ready to use. these are display models by Tomix that can be used provided you use the extras packs Tomix make to turn them into usable models. One contains a motor TM-TR02 I need two and could only find one the other kits contains proper model railway wheels weights and couplings, admittedly "N" ones rather than 009 ones but that can maybe change later. just have to paint steps white ,then add steps to loco then all done. The open wagons had to be repaired as the tabs on one side broke these are very thin and fragile. regards John
  13. new year new project

    Hi all Well the roster is over for another couple of weeks Yay no calls So the top frame for board?? two is done have to go back to the sheet metal works don't think I have enough 3mm aluminum triangle gussets to brace the legs left. Once up on its legs its time to put the first set of pattern makers dowels in place. Well that's it for now. regards John
  14. Terminus, All Change!

    Hi Dave Variety is the spice of life. Since you seem to be into the tiny layouts at least finding the storage space should not be a problem Looks like your going to need an other storage shelf on the wall. regards John
  15. new year new project

    Hi all Well it was relatively cool today so got some time in the shed. Turning big pieces of wood in to little pieces of wood for the next section of bench-work The next one is to be 6' X 3'6" which will give the total width of 10" As you have already seen how it goes together no point boring you with a repeat performance. regards John