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  1. new year new project

    Hi Stretch Thanks regards John Hi Franco Not the best photo it was taken with Nicki's mobile phone. And the light was not the best, but on to the next one to be tarped. regards John
  2. new year new project

    Hi all Not the greatest pic but here is the tarped wagon it did not quite go the way intended regards John
  3. new year new project

    Hi All Having a bit of a break from a major domestic clean up which is why not much is happening layout wise. I have prepared a wagon for a tarpaulin simply two pieces of 1mm plasticard and a bit of rod from the bits box The tarp is painted freezer bag that will be cut and fitted tomorrow when I am sure the glue is dry... This is one of the wagons I broke and had to repair so the tarp support is strengthening the wagon and tarp hiding the sides, so it becomes wagon no Erhm?? instead of wagon no2 for the umpteenth time. regards John
  4. new year new project

    Hi all Did not feel enthusiastic today so did a real easy job fitting a motor to a second Japanese locomotive Had to drill holes for steps which ended up super glued on as my smallest drill was to big but it looks OK It's to late now but I should have painted the step edge white like I did the last one, now the tough derision do I motorize the other blue one or another one of these regards John
  5. new year new project

    Hi all Finally got the whole board temporally together after much where is the picture from Stretch here it is the next picture. There is a 1 M steel rule sitting on the solid part of the board so you can get some idea of its total size. YAY!! found and now have some TM-TR2 motors so now have to choose which two locomotives to motorize. Does any one have suggestions for the best way to store the for spare motors so they work when In the future I need them, as I assume at some point in the future they will be needed. Now I have to take it apart to paint the legs on the other boards and add anything that got forgotten in the original construction regards John
  6. new year new project

    Hi all Oh so tantalizingly close to being complete base bench work this weekend. But did not make it you will note the legs are primed this could not wait as the legs on this last section had started to bow. So the expedient of painting them starting with the side that had shortened to cause the bow I managed get most of it out, It doesn't always work but this time it did. Trim the sheet and join it hopefully tomorrow. regards John
  7. new year new project

    True will be doing that for terminal blocks should have run out of screws by then and the bolts can be loctite-ed and cut off regards John
  8. new year new project

    Hi Franco The screws go through a cable clip and the alluminium but even the shortest ones go right through leaving an exposed sharp point All the wiring will be attached to the clips on the opposite side of the alluminum regards John PS I should have listened to you when you said narrow gauge was addictive
  9. new year new project

    Hi all Safety is not something that gets mentioned a lot with model trains oh! its safe its only a toy train kind of thing. Well this is not always the case aluminum is a good mounting for cable clips of one sort or another there are a few types around. Well of course the self drilling screws are always to long even the real short ones leaving a sharp point to get you when you least expect it. My solution for this problem was bicycle valve caps filled with construction glue it seems to work, but if some one has a better idea would love to hear it. I got a strange look at the bike shop when I asked for 100 valve caps please regards John
  10. new year new project

    Hi all The odd shaped section is almost done it is on its legs Just the leg braces and fascia mounting strips to go on then it can be sheet-ed and joined to the rest of the bench-work regards John
  11. More mucking about with New Walmington Pier

    Hi Dave Don't know how I missed this. Looking really good love the early plane on the back scene. I will stick with the tram those new fangled flying machines will never catch on Looks like I got 3.5 seconds of fame regards John NO report to the headmaster immediately regards John
  12. new year new project

    Hi all Well the odd shaped board has turned into a two hay bale nightmare. It is just about ready for legs now but still needs a few bits of wood added. I decides this board is going to get the pieces needed for the fascia boards to be attached, added at construction and the cable mounts as well I want this one done completely except track bed when it is set up with the other two for pattern makers dowels. The other two can have the fascia mounts added after this one is done then it can be moved from the work shop to where I plan on putting it. regards John
  13. new year new project

    Hi all Now an idea of the odd shape and size of the last section The short piece of aluminum is fixed in place the long one is just sitting there so an idea of shape can be got. It will have to be properly set up and cut to length about where the bit of wood is siting across both of them. regards John
  14. new year new project

    Hi all Just which lunatic had the idea of the last board being an odd shape . Spent the afternoon wrestling with that odd shape and am only getting there very slowly, as you have to triple think each stick. Will be glad when I get onto the other half so the aluminum can be attached and the straight forward bit can happen. regards John
  15. new year new project

    Hi all The pattern makers dowels where a real pain to get right I had to have a couple of goes at getting the depth right. regards John