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  1. Plwmwerth Uchaf / Upper Leadworth

    I've been tempted by a 68 but the desire to buy a car is still just about holding on, looks nice though Jack!
  2. Would it be unfair to ask for whatever Hornby was drinking when they decided the prices for their new releases to get me through Economics work? 

    1. Jack


      I'll have half of what they're on! Absolute steals lollol

  3. Plwmwerth Uchaf / Upper Leadworth

    Please do, theres limits to my abilities in sticky labels! Cheers, Tom
  4. Plwmwerth Uchaf / Upper Leadworth

    Looks good Jack! What have you used for your road markings may I ask?
  5. Can we bring back TPOTM?

    Perhaps a theme but a broad one? I know one of the themes was 'by a church' which really limits the entries. Nowhere near me has that shot possible so thats an entry out. If we insisted on images being of a certain image quality and size (as before) then it would keep standards high? If we did a theme of charters, freight and test trains and passenger (inc ECS/stock moves)how would that go down? 60103 Flying Scotsman - Sommerseat by Swifty's Rail Pics, on Flickr 68018 68021 - 4S43 - Moore by Swifty's Rail Pics, on Flickr
  6. Hi All, Could we bring back the TPOTM competition but do it just as a general photo theme? So rather than the obscure ones which people found difficult then just do an enter what you like as long as it is a railway photo? Tom
  7. Interesting visit to the midlands for a pair of blue 47s tomorrow, should be good...

  8. Norwich 14/06/16

    170204 is off for repair soon, in the meantime 68004/17 will be doing passenger workings as a second loco hauled set to cover for it!
  9. *******POSTPONED UNTIL 2017********
  10. CazRail: Fleet

    Did it sound very unwell then fail? If the answer is yes, the realism of Hornby's models have improved!
  11. Very depressing to see wall to wall sun outside whilst i'm stuck in revising :(

  12. Thornton Road, Virgin west coast in 2003

    Not been able to get to the station to get a proper picture, but the driver that dropped off 312 this afternoon sent me this-
  13. Thornton Road, Virgin west coast in 2003

    Colette's Models of Exmouth, got the last one! I know Sawyer of Earlestown had a few but they've all gone.
  14. Thornton Road, Virgin west coast in 2003

    Little update, Since the last update was last year, theres a lot to be caught up on! New stock is as follows The DRS 47s from Rail exclusive 57309 from bachmann in DRS 60074 in teenage cancer trust 67006 Royal Sovereign And 57312 'The Hood' is arriving net week, a £156 sound fitted bargain!
  15. Aberforth

    Looks great! Are you keeping the WAG set?