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  1. All Cars Stop Here

    Happy anniversary, !!
  2. Trains at Trinity - Biggleswade 09/06/18

    Well, the one on the WC cover is surely the most unusual I've ever seen, congratulations to the one who had the idea
  3. new year new project

    Well, the picture in itself is not the best I've seen ... but the wagon looks OK
  4. Matt’s 3D printing workbench...

    Well, I suppose everyone will be happy to see what a japanese model shop looks like ... or at least I am !
  5. Matt’s 3D printing workbench...

    Well, first of all I don't know what your model should look like then it's quite difficult to judge from the picture you put, maybe seen from a different angle would help, but the essential is that you're satisfied.
  6. Matt’s 3D printing workbench...

    Well, surely not a big investement, now it's up to see what the result will be
  7. new year new project

    And furthermore one's happy to be addict too Back to the problem, as Bob said the use of bolts and nuts will solve everything.
  8. new year new project

    Not really sure I understood the problem, do you mean that screws are driven into aluminium without having wood at the other side? and, if so, I can't understand what they're there for.
  9. Even better! Have a go and show us what comes out
  10. I went down to 20 cms in 016.5 scale, of course only short wheelbased engines and wagons were allowed to run on it. For a Mk2/3 coach I'm afraid they will be quite ugly looking on such tight curves
  11. Terminus, All Change!

    Well, after Europe and the USA where will he take us? The american episodes were really interesting.
  12. N Gauge - Tightest Radius Turn?

    Not so acquainted with imperial measures, but it seems to me that such a train will take the entire curve, won't it?
  13. N Gauge - Tightest Radius Turn?

    Well, can't remember where (maybe Carl Arent's site) I saw a "layout" built around a 1£ coin (or something like that) so 10/11 inches may fill every need ... it depends on what you want to run on that curve too as a full size HST couldn't feel ar ease
  14. Terminus, All Change!

    Hi Dave, a liitle off topic question, does your friend in Hong Kong speak japanese too or is he in touch with someone practising this language? Because I found a 1970 japanese book on tramways and I'd like have it translated. Thanks in advance