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  1. Even better! Have a go and show us what comes out
  2. I went down to 20 cms in 016.5 scale, of course only short wheelbased engines and wagons were allowed to run on it. For a Mk2/3 coach I'm afraid they will be quite ugly looking on such tight curves
  3. Terminus, All Change!

    Well, after Europe and the USA where will he take us? The american episodes were really interesting.
  4. N Gauge - Tightest Radius Turn?

    Not so acquainted with imperial measures, but it seems to me that such a train will take the entire curve, won't it?
  5. N Gauge - Tightest Radius Turn?

    Well, can't remember where (maybe Carl Arent's site) I saw a "layout" built around a 1£ coin (or something like that) so 10/11 inches may fill every need ... it depends on what you want to run on that curve too as a full size HST couldn't feel ar ease
  6. Terminus, All Change!

    Hi Dave, a liitle off topic question, does your friend in Hong Kong speak japanese too or is he in touch with someone practising this language? Because I found a 1970 japanese book on tramways and I'd like have it translated. Thanks in advance
  7. Matt's workbench

    Nice indeed !
  8. A layout I once had

    Don't even mind, we're all playing here!. Perhaps I badly expressed my sensations, what I meant was that "Walmington Pier" has been succesful because of its realism while a terminus without an hidden end is (at least to me) quite unrealistic. Near me there's a local club that has a "totally open" gauge 1 shunting layout which is interesting just because its size is not a common sight. Bye
  9. A layout I once had

    OK ... I'll shut up
  10. A layout I once had

    A nice layout indeed, to me the reason of its unsuccesful end has been the "lack of mistery". I mean a tram (or a train) that disappears behind a wall or in a tunnel makes the visitor wondering "where has it gone/what will appear next?" . With everything showed it's just a model going forth and back.
  11. Terminus, All Change!

  12. Terminus, All Change!

    Ok, just because, while sending, it seemed to me that some failure occurred so I wasn't sure if it had been sent properly. Back on the subject I think that your german models are 1/87 too aren't they?
  13. Terminus, All Change!

    Hi Dave, did you get my PM?
  14. Hi Dave,

    just to give you an address that could be interesting for you



    1. piermaster


      Thank You Franco,

      With the exception of the Blackpool Balloon Car, Blackpool Railcoach and London Feltham car all of which are 1:76, all the other Atlas cars are 1:87.

      Thanks very much,


  15. First of all let me say that you're doing a very good job, after that I'll put some "wild" bush in the front and maybe an half broken fence. Concerning the buildings at back, It looks even small, but it's just an opinion of course. Waiting for future progresses.