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  1. Too early for a 2018 wishlist?

    You must have won the lottery!
  2. Too early for a 2018 wishlist?

    Don't tell me yours cost even more?
  3. Too early for a 2018 wishlist?

    Hattons have just announced they will be producing a RHTT set. Pricey though!
  4. Too early for a 2018 wishlist?

    A Class 175 from any manufacturer.
  5. Jack's modern image fleet

    Keep off the internet! (apart from this forum)
  6. Jack's Workbench

    I've bought myself one now.
  7. Jack's modern image fleet

    I'm always surprised none of the manufacturers have done a RTR RHTT set yet.
  8. Aberforth

    A bit of an update on what has been happening the last few months: The platforms were finished and screwed down into place and the fencing is in progress. Some more kerbs and grass has been laid at the end of the car park (not on photo). Made a start on installing the point motors, after which the track will be ballasted.
  9. Staffs Rail General Photos

    A 5 bogie monster was at Stone today! Not seen one like this before.
  10. StaffsRail's Workbench

    A few Knightwing kits to keep me busy.
  11. Spotted my first leaf busting train of the season this afternoon with a pair of red sheds in charge.

  12. Jack's Workbench

    Think I might get an mpv for £60 and do the same Network Rail conversion.
  13. StaffsRail's Workbench

    Another tractor unit completed for my fleet.
  14. Staffs Rail General Photos

    Allelys southbound on the M6 this week with a tamper.
  15. StaffsRail's Workbench

    I recently completed the modified Combi trailer with the front set of under-run rails fitted.