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  1. Aberforth

    I was going to have straight forward two aspect signals on the layout but then I spotted Train Tech had released versions with route indicators, which are more accurate given that there is theoretically a junction just beyond the road bridge.
  2. StaffsRail's Workbench

    Been getting the MPV operational and swapping on the weed killing modules. Just need to apply the Network Rail transfers that Jack kindly supplied.
  3. Cab Ride DVD's

    Having a clear out of a few dvds. All in great condition. Prices include postage. DCR Ballast - £10.00 Wentloog Intermodal - £10.00 Tesco Express x2 - £18.00 DMU - £7.50
  4. Aberforth

    I now have a working point motor! The original plan was to use under-board mounted versions but I discovered fitting them so that everything lines up correctly is tricky and the 6mm MDF boards don't give much to fasten them to. I didn't want to take the track up to cut slots so I have gone with the surface mounted version shown for the most used point, which is mostly hidden under the road bridge anyway. The other, less important ones will have fishing line to activate them.
  5. Staffs Rail General Photos

    They were working on the level crossing this morning.
  6. Staffs Rail General Photos

    There are some engineering works starting at Stone tonight. There are 3 of these road-railers, various attachments and plenty of ballast ready to go.
  7. Staffs Rail General Photos

    Cement tanker in the Reid Freight yard today.
  8. StaffsRail's Workbench

    And here are the completed Knightwing kits:
  9. THE Christmas show - Manchester 2 & 3 December 2017!

    I came across The Sidings recently on line and it's a well executed small layout.
  10. Etruton

    Sounds good with it being my local area.
  11. Too early for a 2018 wishlist?

    You must have won the lottery!
  12. Too early for a 2018 wishlist?

    Don't tell me yours cost even more?
  13. Too early for a 2018 wishlist?

    Hattons have just announced they will be producing a RHTT set. Pricey though!
  14. Too early for a 2018 wishlist?

    A Class 175 from any manufacturer.
  15. Jack's modern image fleet

    Keep off the internet! (apart from this forum)