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  1. MOD Ashchurch and Ashchurch Railway Station

    That is where most of the MOD trains run to and from transferring vehicles.
  2. Staffs Rail General Photos

    A couple of intermodal trains in Stafford earlier this week.
  3. Aberforth

    It could be less flat but went for the easy option. It can be improved later anyway. Working on ballasting at moment.
  4. Aberforth

    The very low relief station building is now in place.
  5. Staffs Rail General Photos

    A different view of Axiom Rail.
  6. Jack's modern image fleet

    So that's where you've been. Nice grid.
  7. Staffs Rail General Photos

    The wagons at Axiom Rail are oversplling onto the reception line! Unusual to see an American loco in this country.
  8. Staffs Rail General Photos

    A pair of 90's storming past on a Coatbridge to Daventry working on Wednesday.
  9. Aberforth

    Both signals are now properly installed.
  10. Wiring a DCC Layout On A Door

    Could be a problem with mounting point motors.
  11. Staffs Rail General Photos

    This weekend's resident at Stone.
  12. Aberforth

    It's been a bit quite on the forum lately so I thought some tractor thrash was in order.
  13. Aberforth

    Been glueing some fencing in place.
  14. Aberforth

    I was going to have straight forward two aspect signals on the layout but then I spotted Train Tech had released versions with route indicators, which are more accurate given that there is theoretically a junction just beyond the road bridge.
  15. StaffsRail's Workbench

    Been getting the MPV operational and swapping on the weed killing modules. Just need to apply the Network Rail transfers that Jack kindly supplied.