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  1. CazRail: Fleet

    37057 has been added to CazRail's operational fleet after spending 5 months in the workshops. Stored on 3/12/04 from the WKBN pool, 057 last worked 6D18 Holyhead - Warrington Arpley before being stood down. It has now returned to traffic alongside 37174, 37411 and 37419.
  2. ViTrains: Creating a Split Head-code 37/0

    Managed some progress on 37057 today whilst watching Scotland v France in the 6 nations... Now all decal'd up, next up after the varnish dries is fit it out with windows, which will be the original for the time being, and to *possibly* steal the chassis from 37425 (which is out of traffic at the minute as it needs new decals) to get this one running. This will mean the need to wire my replacement LEDs. Onward...
  3. CazRail: Workbench

    More Cambrian compensation units bought, two more wagons can be made track worthy! The last three wagons of this batch being made now, hopefully more will become available soon. The first one I built is being dropped as im not happy with it's build quality
  4. CazRail: Workbench

    A little update... The three wagons have now been painted black!
  5. Hornby 2018 Range

    So, whats everyone's thoughts? I quite fance 60077, 67023, Virgin DVT, some seacows, some HEAs and maybe the shark.
  6. CazRail: Workbench

    Thankyou Chris, seems to be styrene sheets which have been pre-scribed with a machine which ive cut out with a craft knife and glued together. All detailing such as end bracing and ladders are my own work. Tonight ive finished the structure of what will be 12106. Ive also added foot steps each side of 12107.
  7. CazRail: Workbench

    Further progress tomight with the construction of what will be 12106 being started. Got up to gluing the top face to the frame before being summoned by the missus... Also, 12107 had end bracing fitted. Above - The wheel/axle/coupler arrangement. The Cambrian compensation units have had to be butchered to fit but are glued solid, meaning they need breaking off to remove wheels.
  8. CazRail: Workbench

    Wagons Roll!! Pretty glad to report progress on the PAB Covhops! Finally I've managed to sufficiently straighten the chassis of one of the wagons, and have fitted wheels and Symoba NEM coupler system! I've tested it in my rake of HEA coal hoppers using my GBRf 66720. Ive taken photos and a video to show its running qualities. video-1515184098.mp4 Obviously, Ive learnt a few lessons from these wagons, and I will take more time with the second batch. This wagon and the second I built will be primed, the first won't go in the rake. Things to buy are oleo buffers, coupling hooks, more Cambrian suspension units and more.
  9. Gilfach Forgoed

    Looking foward for progress!
  10. CazRail: Fleet

    Today I fitted 41233 with a DCC decoder, made all the more challenging as it's Bachmann's split-chasis... ...but it all works first time, and I'm quite chuffed (pardon the pun) I've done my first retro-fit DCC fitout, and it was the dreaded split chassis! I simply removed the small springs connecting the motor terminals with each half of the chassis, connect the orange and grey wire to it and insulating it with heat-shrink tube. Then wired the black and red to a copper tang attached to the chassis where the front pony truck pickups are connected to. The hardest part was the process of figuring out the dismantling and re-assembly!
  11. CazRail: Fleet

    Very! Plenty of character to these
  12. CazRail: Fleet

    An unusual new fleet member in the CazRail this festive season... Aquired at the Llandudno Toy & Train Fair, its the first steam addition since Tornado in 2014. 41233 is a Ivatt 2mt steam loco, which ive bought to run on Llyn Cefni layout.
  13. ViTrains: Creating a Split Head-code 37/0

    Progressing steadily towards completion at CazRail's Marshfield Works, 37057 will receive the final but one supply of materials. Delivered by Claus Rail Parts, it will include decals, LEDs and a little something to finish off the loco. May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Nadolig Llawen/Merry Christmas!
  14. Christmas Greetings 2017

    Nadolig Llawen Pawb! | Merry Christmas Everyone!
  15. CazRail: Fleet

    With Christmas coming, the 66s have begun their comeback. GBRf have sent 66720 and 66731 to Marshfield Junction Stabling Point to take over the Royal Mail service from the EWS 37s, which were prone to failing. Although 66720 has already been stopped with structural issues surrounding bogie (a broken clip I need to repair), due to this DBC have sent 67005, a rare performer to the layout, to cover whilst repairs are taking place. This is 67005's first outing on the layout for 18 months. All this means that 37174/402/417 have all been sent to Margam for storage, bringing to end the current stint of the locos on the layout. Hopefully next year I'll have a rake of PAB wagons made, either by pressing on with my kits or getting my CAD 3D models (which I'm part way through creating) 3D printed. The original rake was 17 long, which I would love to have as it's a local train of mine and has local features on them such as the Anglesey Aluminum logos. More will appear here of them soon I hope. Depending on era/FOC im using at the time, I'll use EWS 37s, 60s and 66s, Colas 56s 60s 66s 70s, Freightliner 66s (really after 2001 when the flow ceased to operate I can use whatever I like). If I successfully make these PABs, maybe I'll try for more of a challenge, maybe the IWA cargowaggon ferry vans? I havent come across a OO version and I'd like a rake of 6 or 7, again due to local use of them to RTZ. (Maybe building up to a dream layout with a bit of a representation of Anglesey Aluminium on it? Who knows, I keep getting inspired by the likes of Mostyn and Penmaenmawr aswell!)