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  1. Burnbrigg

    Thanks Gavin and I dont mean really cheap stuff I mean produces that have a good price
  2. EWS class 66

    Thanks for the information Gavin
  3. Favorite train classes

    My favourites are Diesel loco - class 66 Electric loco - class 92 DMU - class 156 EMU - class 390
  4. EWS class 66

    I am looking for Hornby or bachmann and in oo gauge
  5. EWS class 66

    Has anyone got a rough price for an EWS class 66 in the Old or new livery
  6. Burnbrigg

    Thanks but I already use that website. Are there any others
  7. Burnbrigg

    I have already got a controller but I am looking for good prices for locomotives
  8. Burnbrigg

    thanks for the infomation
  9. Burnbrigg

    Can anyone suggest some good websits with good prices for analogue
  10. 37425's Videos

    Its a great video Gavin
  11. Burnbrigg

    I think I will stick with Analogue now and thank you for your help.
  12. Burnbrigg

    Thank you for your help
  13. Burnbrigg

    I would like to see what you recomend and i might change my idea of doing it in analogue
  14. Burnbrigg

    Can anyone give me some advice about what they think is better Analogue or Digital because I am going with Analogue for my layout
  15. Burnbrigg

    Thanks I might not get some now