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  1. Little help for some locos

    Hey guys, did some travelling today to derby via leicester, whilst leaving Leicester parked up in the works was a pale blue class 37 with loads of graffiti on it, does anyone happen to know what number it is. Also on way back from Derby to New Street went past the bombardier works and there was a class 08 coulped upto 221144 which im sure had HNRC livery on it now a quick google search didnt really show me much and i couldnt find any pics of it so again if anyone has any information i will be grateful.
  2. Virgin Trains East Coast begins!

    i think it is one hell of a good livery gotta go spotting at kings cross soon and see them
  3. N Gauge Layout

    yes i do love the Dapol Mk3 Hornbys dont even come close
  4. Switching from OO to N - pros and cons

    another thing although its best to always avoid 1st radius curves most N gauge stuff will go around no problem, i currenntly have Mk3 coaches going around 1st Radius and one part of the layout is even tighter and they handle them no problem at all, although it seems to be the single wheeled stuff and not the bogie stuff that can struggles
  5. Just received my first N gauge loco for me new project.... ...Wow

    1. class66


      That's great news bud!!

      ive put some n gauge track in sales section...

  6. is it just me or is there a lack of N gauge UK stock on eBay

  7. As yet unknown

    Hey Gang, Quick update on the new layout, i have laid the track for the two loops as well has get the mainline points in place, The points have been moved around a couple of times and are now in a position i like although i will probably add another point in before i finally nail down the mainline and start on the sidings
  8. As yet unknown

    ok ok No one laugh at my plan i did it quick The Brown is the wood, The sections in Blue will be in a tunnel or something to hide the curves, The red block is going to be a station, so the station will be an island platform with access from the down line being by points at boths ends just before each corner that was giving me longer platofrm for a longer train, It isnt to scale and do to me forgetting the size of the points in my plan the station might have to go around the curve which is something i didnt want to do. The grey block is going to be the Peco loco shed kit but i might move that yet. No doubt has with all plans it probably wont be followed and my look completely different when finished. Anyway some more detail The layout will be set from the mid 90's onwards with a Virgin Mk3 set hauled by either a 87 or class 90 being what i wanted this layout for and i will also have a tankers so i might have some oil refinery somewhere yet, then any other train that really takes my eye. What i would give for a Class 323
  9. As yet unknown

    Hi Guys After loosing interest in my OO gauge layout i decided to go back to N gauge, always having a soft spot for N gauge i am amazed by how detailed the new models are especially after seeing Dapols Mk3 Coaches, God they are good, Hornbys arent in the same league. So it was out with all the old OO Stuff which took 5 weeks to get to Liverpool i finally recieved my first selection of track, 1 Dapol Mk3 and a Farish Oil tanker. After playing around with a few designs in my head i finally come up with one which i quite like which will be a sort of L shape with a station, TMD and Siding area. Another Benefit of N gauge is that i can actually have a roundy roundy layout in the same space has a small OO guage layout, which i think is half the reason why i lost interest in OO becuase i just couldnt sit and watch them go around. First step was to lay the Corners which would fix the lengths of any straight sections of track. Has you can see i have fixed the corners down and placed fleitrack roughly in place, excuse all the mess in the middle that has now gone. instead of trying to explain my plan i will draw one up and post it in the next section so please bear with me and i know i could have posted better pictures but was in a hurry to go to work
  10. Langley Town

    this will be the last post in this section has i have decided to open up another thread for my new N gauge layout... Please can you lock this thread has well thank you.
  11. Bachmann Class 47 in RES

    Hi, can you lock this thread please thank you
  12. Pretendolino

    thanks for the info much needed, thanks for the additional info but i was on about last service as Electric hauled train just like it should be
  13. Pretendolino

    Hey Everybody Does anyone happen to have all of the Coach Numbers from the Pretendolino set, was on the last service but didnt take the numbers of the coaches. thanks for any help
  14. Bachmann Class 47 in RES

    Thank you for your interest reply sent
  15. Virgin and Stagecoach win East Coast franchise

    would be nice if they paint the class 91, Mk4 DVTs and the HSTs into the pretendolino livery