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  1. Jack's Workbench

    Deep breath. Leave it for today and come back to it with fresh eyes.
  2. Jack's modern image fleet

    A floating shelf (2 or 3 feet long), four track mainline, night time possession working. I can see it now!
  3. Jack's Workbench

    Jack, it looks really good. Might be a good way to supplement your income!
  4. Jack's modern image fleet

    Nice!! You really need to start planning a layout for all of this! A nice boxfile depot me thinks!
  5. Jack's Workbench

    Looks super Jack, a productive day. Shame to see that lovely Caledonian livery go though. It's a thing of beauty.
  6. Oh, hello 2nd round of the FA Cup, I'd forgotten what you looked like. #crewealex

  7. ViTrains: Creating a Split Head-code 37/0

    Excellent. Great technique and the mound has come out nice and crisp. Super.
  8. My new blog

    Cheers - however, the new blog will remain untouched for a while as any layout plans are having to go on hold due to an impending house move!
  9. My new blog

    Hi all, After dipping my toe with the blog above, I've decided to use a more model-orientated blog as a separate entity away from my blog listed above. You can visit it at - I'm hoping to chronicle the build of a new layout - using planning ideas I've had rattling around for a long time and keep revisiting - and hope that using a very public blog will inspire me to actually finish the damn thing! Happy reading!
  10. Do it. Super day out.
  11. A Trip on the Telford Steam Railway

    They have a little diesel called Tom. They’ve got a small prairie too but it can’t run on the line currently, as I understand it, due to clearance issues. There’s an 08 and a 37 that are undergoing repeat too I think. It’s a cracking little railway.
  12. Something's Brewing...

    The first a4 sheet has been done and I’m now just cutting to fit before applying the wash and then weathering. Overall I’m pretty happy with it so far! It’s gives the look, and that’s what I’m after.
  13. Something's Brewing...

    Thanks for the advice Bob. I'm not sure I can face redoing them though! I'll trial the paint idea on the small piece and go from there I think.
  14. Something's Brewing...

    So, a trial with the fab foam. Using a small offcut I had a go at pressing the cobble set shapes using the head of an old paint brush. This piece will be trial painted too, using a thin black wash to bring out the relief, before dry brushing differing shades of 'cobble!' The next step was to make a start on the cobble sets for the layout. This afternoon I've managed to cobble the front of the layout, 40x3cm. However, it's not a speedy process. Whilst I was doing this Amy managed to watch the season finale to Tin Star. Time consuming, but I'm pretty happy with how it looks. Thoughts?
  15. Plwmwerth Uchaf / Upper Leadworth

    No way! What a shame but galas it's got a home. Have you thought of a depot in a box file for all those lovely Arriva locos? Or a Tim Horn scenic board, just £8. Tiny micro project to keep the hand in?