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  1. N Gauge - Tightest Radius Turn?

    True! I'm thinking more of weight and size, given it won't be a permanently mounted board and has to be easy to set up and store away. But I'm sure a kind of 'dog bone' shape at each end of the boards won't be too much of an issue. :) That's a GREAT idea about the boxcar. Basically the theory is, if THAT can get round the layout, anything can? Any specific models in N gauge you'd recommend?
  2. N Gauge - Tightest Radius Turn?

    Thanks for all these measurements and details John! Really appreciate it. I'm working on using a 6ft x 20'' board, with the front scenic section looping round tight scenic breaks at each end into a fiddle yard on the back half of the board - so basically I need the tracks to loop round a complete 180 degree turn inside 20'' at either end of the board! It's a bit of a squeeze If only I'd made the boards the full 2ft wide...possibly there's a way I can add a little extension either end, to accomodate 3rd or 4th radius curves?
  3. N Gauge - Tightest Radius Turn?

    In theory it should do - I guess I'm thinking more if it would be such a tight turn that the coaches would derail as the gap between each coach would close too much. *dives onto Youtube to find some layouts with tight turns*
  4. N Gauge - Tightest Radius Turn?

    Yeah that might be the bigger concern. It'll be off-scene so I don't need it to be prototypical, I just need it to be physically possible for trains to run around such a tight curve into the fiddle yard on the back of the board. :) The maximum length of any train will be about 5-6 coaches, so maximum 3ft long train. :)
  5. N Gauge - Tightest Radius Turn?

    Hahaha! I'd say that's more than small enough Now I'm curious about a diesel locomotive or coach trying to go round in circles...
  6. Jack's modern image fleet

    Hmmm. It's definitely an interesting little formation to model. I like seeing the 73s trundle through Swanley. Or sometimes stop and the driver swaps locomotives, walks up the platform and gets in the other one and drives off :)
  7. Aberforth

    Just been catching up on the thread. Love the progress so far, such nice variety for such a simple layout! Love it.
  8. Jack's modern image fleet

    Oooh, this is timely - I've been seeing a LOT of a certain RHTT train on my local lines, always topped and tailed by two GB Railfreight 73s. Fancied modelling it if and when I build my new layout - don't suppose they do RHTT sets in N?
  9. Hello all! I'm looking at planning an N gauge layout, and I have a spare baseboard or two from my old OO gauge layout, measuring 20 inches wide. In short, will that be enough width to fit a full 180 degree turn? Basically my plan is to split the board in half down the middle - front half as the main layout, back half/third as the fiddle yard hidden behind the backscene? None of the tight turns at either end will be in sight on the layout, so I don't mind it not looking prototypical as people shouldn't be able to see the turns anyway. I've seen various sites say the smallest radius turns possible are as little as 10-11 inches, so that'll be more than okay if that's the case :)
  10. New to the Forum

    Welcome, Malcolm! Your layout looks pretty awesome, I'd love to see more pictures/a full layout thread for it :)
  11. My new blog

    I've subscribed to your blog Chris, should appear in my reader - my www.AJV1.com site is on Wordpress so I'm familiar with the platform :)
  12. New project!

    I LOVE that backscene. Looks great. :) How big are the dimensions for this one, did you say? 4ft x 1ft? You're giving me ideas for an N gauge layout in a similar box-type structure...
  13. What a roster they have up there! Full of such amazing locomotives and lovely sites. Need to get myself back up there - last time I was there was as a small boy, squeezing into the crowds with my disposable camera taking pictures of Western Ranger :)
  14. A Trip on the Telford Steam Railway

    Looks like a neat little railway! I'd never heard of it before actually. Is Rocket their only running loco at the moment, or do they have a bigger roster waiting to enter service?