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  1. Railways and Tramways of the Forest of Dean

    There was also the Stratford and Moreton Tramway, I know it's off your beat but this display close to the RSC in Stratford upon Avon is a reminder of the plateways and waggonways that once existed.
  2. More mucking about with New Walmington Pier

    Mr Thompson a PE Teacher, must be a product of Loughborough University? It is noted for mass production PE Teachers!!
  3. Terminus, All Change!

    Just a brazen unashamed plug to say that my 'Terminus - All Change!! ' will be at the Rushden Model Railway Exhibition at Rushden Academy, Hayway, Rushden NN10 6AG on Saturday 28 April.
  4. Stowmarket Railway Club holds its annual exhibition on Sunday 22April, 10.30-5.00 at Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre Gainsborough Road Stowmarket Suffolk IP14 1LH Admission: Adults - £4, Seniors - £3, Children - £2. 11layouts, 14traders. Full details on http://www.stowrailclub.org.uk
  5. Terminus, All Change!

    Just a brazen unashamed plug to say that my next exhibition appearance will be with Terminus - All Change!! at the Luton Model Railway Club Exhibition at Stopsley High School, St Thomas’ Road, Luton LU2 7UX on Saturday 14 April. The Wirral Tram Breeding Programme has been very successful!!
  6. Terminus, All Change!

    I'll admit to being a bit of a technophobe when it comes to exploring my mobile phone's full potential, here's my first attempt at videoing and it is my Hong Kong Works Car 400 in action a few months ago on my 00 scale 'Terminus - All Change!!!' micro-layout: HKT400.MOV
  7. Terminus, All Change!

    Out and about again at two exhibitions over three weekends! 14th April: Luton Model Railway Club, Stopsley High School, St Thomas’ Road, Luton LU2 7UX 10:30 - 5:00. Admission £6 Adults, £3 Children, £15 Family. 28th April: Hope Methodist Church. Rushden Academy, Hayway, Rushden NN10 6AG 10:00 - 4:00. Admission £6 Adults, £5 Concessions, £2 Children, £12 Family.
  8. A few layouts seen at the Norfolk Railway Society show at Porlingland, Norwich today 10/03/18 Three views of Dave White's Underground layout. An N gauge modern image oval with clever use of scenic breaks. O gauge Loco Shed layout. A delightful 009 scenic/tourist railway. Enjoy!!!
  9. New Walmington Pier - 2018 Exhibitions

    I agree Bob, it does hack me off when some exhibition managers display a yokel mentality in that their own community is the only one that exists, it's a typical East Anglian trait!!
  10. New Walmington Pier - 2018 Exhibitions

    Exactly Chris, I'm not risking my life to drive 125 miles round trip in these conditions for 30 pieces of silver, especially when the exhibition manager tells me 'it's clear here' and I would be struggling to get my car out of the driveway then along anarrow roadand up a slope to hopefully meet my first stretch of gritted road. 9 out 13 shows were cancelled this weekend.
  11. New Walmington Pier - 2018 Exhibitions

    UPDATE:Due to the weather conditions I have cancelled my attendance at the above exhibition and before you Northerners say anything, I can drive in snow but not when there are two-foot drifts and high winds likely to white out the Fens tomorrow morning.
  12. Terminus, All Change!

    A British tram arrives at my 'Terminus - All Change!!!' Newest arrival is a 00/H0 scale Thompson-Houston 1890s Leeds Car obtained off eBay for £23! It looks like a Halling model, but the box is unmarked as it was for a UK commission and most of the stock ended up at Hattons. Mine didn't come from there.
  13. More mucking about with New Walmington Pier

  14. Kings Lynn MRC Open Day 17/02/2018

    A fine selection of layouts on show at their clubrooms today, including some 'Inglenook' micro layouts and a Single Line Terminus: