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  1. All Cars Stop Here

    Started infilling between tracks on 18/06but will leave crossover exposed to represent newly-installed trackwork asI hate infilling points!!
  2. All Cars Stop Here

    Got bored with office work and as it's our 30th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow (16th) I decided to make a start on 'All Cars Stop Here'. Track is down and secured to the MDF base with 'Hard As Nails' double sided tape. Track infill done using Auhagen 16.5mm track infills - there are infills for 12mm and 9mm gauge tracks which will be trimmed to infill the points.The two Hong Kong tram shelters are assembled but supported with the reel of tape and a glue bottle until they set. New Walmington Pier now sits on top of the new track to provide weight whilst setting!
  3. All Cars Stop Here

    Sorry I had to delete the previous thread of the same name due to a corrupted file. 'All Cars Stop Here' will be my next tram micro-layout based upon a Hong Kong street scene where cars change direction using an emergency crossover. Work will start in February following my return from Hong Kong as part of a cruise from Shanghai to Singapore. 00 scale 16.5mm gauge, 3ft x 9" baseboard. Bachmann HKT cars 45 and 106 and Works Car 400 demonstrate the idea on the mocked up layout plan.
  4. 'Trains at Trinity' is a biennial charity model railway exhibition in aid of the upkeep of the Grade 2* listed Trinity Methodist Church in Biggleswade. There were over 15 layouts and three traders at the most recent event on 9th June. I was there with New Walmington Pier. Here's some photos of the more unusual layouts! Looton - Not to be sat on!!! Okaminosu - Japanese N Gauge Trams. Stratfield - T Gauge in a guitar case. My New Walmington Pier - 009 Edwardian Pier Tramway.
  5. More mucking about with New Walmington Pier

    I'll be working away from home 5-7 June so today (4th) wasmy only day to test 'New Walmington Pier' before 'Trains at Trinity' at Biggleswade Methodist Church on Saturday 09/06. Controller - works Connections secure - Yes Tram - works Carousel - works Background sound - works Plane sits securely - Yes Loose figures restuck - Yes All this in a 3 feet long layout!!!
  6. Hong Kong Tram 888

    My next tram - Hong Kong 888 Yes it is a body only and was used for fire training evacuation exercises. It carried 888 as 8in Chinese means 'Luck' I may apply 'modellers licence' and use a motor bogie under it but it does not have any roof detail - no resistor box, and no trolley pole.
  7. More mucking about with New Walmington Pier

    Slight change on New Walmington Pier - it looks more prototypical running with just the single car. Like Southend used to do.
  8. Bilbao - 9th May 2018

    Just returned from a 7-days cruise to Southern France and Northern Spain which included a day in Bilbao. Here's a few photos of the metre-gauge Euskotren light rail system that serves the city: Car 401 with all-over advertising wrap. Car 403. Car 406. Guggenheim Tram Stop. Interesting looking cars!
  9. Railways and Tramways of the Forest of Dean

    There was also the Stratford and Moreton Tramway, I know it's off your beat but this display close to the RSC in Stratford upon Avon is a reminder of the plateways and waggonways that once existed.
  10. More mucking about with New Walmington Pier

    Mr Thompson a PE Teacher, must be a product of Loughborough University? It is noted for mass production PE Teachers!!
  11. Terminus, All Change!

    Just a brazen unashamed plug to say that my 'Terminus - All Change!! ' will be at the Rushden Model Railway Exhibition at Rushden Academy, Hayway, Rushden NN10 6AG on Saturday 28 April.
  12. Stowmarket Railway Club holds its annual exhibition on Sunday 22April, 10.30-5.00 at Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre Gainsborough Road Stowmarket Suffolk IP14 1LH Admission: Adults - £4, Seniors - £3, Children - £2. 11layouts, 14traders. Full details on http://www.stowrailclub.org.uk
  13. Terminus, All Change!

    Just a brazen unashamed plug to say that my next exhibition appearance will be with Terminus - All Change!! at the Luton Model Railway Club Exhibition at Stopsley High School, St Thomas’ Road, Luton LU2 7UX on Saturday 14 April. The Wirral Tram Breeding Programme has been very successful!!
  14. Terminus, All Change!

    I'll admit to being a bit of a technophobe when it comes to exploring my mobile phone's full potential, here's my first attempt at videoing and it is my Hong Kong Works Car 400 in action a few months ago on my 00 scale 'Terminus - All Change!!!' micro-layout: HKT400.MOV