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  1. Ipswich Fuelling Point

    An unusually quiet and empty Ipswich Fuelling Point - 14/11/17.
  2. New Walmington Pier - OO9 Romford Model Railway Society Exhibition 11/11/2017 I write this piece with a certain degree of anger and disgust still several hours after this exhibition has closed. Upon arrival at the show this morning I was directed to my display position which was sandwiched between a bookseller and a trade stand. Both did everything they could to inch me out of that tight space and thankfully I only unloaded the table as I was about ready to load up and drivethe 70 miles home. Thankfully one of the exhibition management saw my predicament and thanks to a couple of 'no shows' I utilised part of the available space and spread out comfortably. Today was Armistice Day where at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, 2 minutes silence is observed in public to remember our Fallen. Not so at Romford Model Railway Society Exhibition despite being told that a bell would be rung throughout the exhibition venue at 11.00, no bell was heard and the two minutes silence never happened. Hang your heads in shame Romford MRS.
  3. More mucking about with New Walmington Pier

    New Walmington Pier all ready at Braunstone Model Railway Exhibition at St Peter’s Church, Braunstone, Leicester on Saturday 04/11/17,It was a great little show and a very fitting tribute to the late Reverend Canon Chris Burch who organised these exhibitions until his sudden death exactly a year ago. New lighting units make a big difference!!
  4. All Cars Stop Here

    My OO scale tramway micro-layout 'Terminus - All Change!!' will be withdrawn from the exhibition circuit by this time next year having done around 25 shows since completion in 2015. Lessons learnt include having a reliable car fleet (got that), Overcomplicating street surface (new layout will use Auhagen concrete slab infills), Slavishly avoid Metcalfe buildings (great when new, but they do show their age quickly). Work will start on the replacement layout next year, named 'All Cars Stop Here' is another OO scale microlayout but influenced on Hong Kong using my fleet and loosely based upon one of that systems staggered platform stops as a temporary terminus with track works beyond. It will be completed following my visit to HK in January 2019.
  5. More mucking about with New Walmington Pier

    This is how it will look at an exhibition - lights, plane, tram, carousel and Action!!!
  6. More mucking about with New Walmington Pier

    Layout changeover - 'Terminus - All Change!!!' has a six-week rest and 'New Walmington Pier' is tested for its exhibitions at St Peter's Church, Woodshawe Rise, Braunstone, Leicester LE3 1RHon 5/11 and Marshalls Park School, Pettits Lane, Romford RM1 4EHon 11/11.
  7. PS Waverley - Thames 2017

    Sailed on PS Waverley twice this year from Southend Pier, firstly on 24/09 to Redsands Fort in the Thames Estuary and again on 08/10 to Whitstable before she returns home to Glasgow. Southend Pier - Train A 'Sir John Betjeman' at South Station (Pier Head) 24/09/17 PS Waverley approaching Southend Pier 24/09/17 Redsands Fort - One of two surviving Thames Forts built in 1942 for anti-aircraft protection of London. Used in the early 1960s for Pirate Radio and left derelict since then. There is a group trying to save this fort but I notice that since my previous visit two years ago one of the towers has lost part of its parapet wall. The other set of towers at Shivering Sands are too far gone to attempt to restore. 24/09/17 Waverley's Engine Room 08/10/17. Waverley's engines in full flow! 08/10/17 Whitstable 08/10/17 PS Waverley about to leave Southend Pier for the last time this year 08/10/17.
  8. Terminus, All Change!

    HK cars 106 & 400 at work on Terminus - All Change!! (OO) at Broadland Model Railway Club Exhibition in Aylsham Norfolk today. This layout now gets a six weeks break as New Walmington Pier goes out for the next two shows.
  9. Terminus, All Change!

    “Terminus - All Change!!!” at Stowmarket Railway Club Toy & Train Fair at Needham Market today.
  10. Mid Essex MRC Exhibition 16/09/17

    Visited Mid Essex MRC Exhibition at Shenfield on 16/09/17 and two small layouts caught my eye: St James Pier 6ft x 1ft 7ins On16.5 double track pier tramway layout: AndTemplefield 6ft long OO terminus:
  11. More mucking about with New Walmington Pier

    Tested the music stand lights and painted the clamps to match the backscene. Close-up of the 'My Magnificent Man in his Flying Machine' otherwise a Corgi 1903 Wright Brothers Flyer secured by a plastic spigot on the backscene. Fly over New Walmington Pier or ride the tram along it? Your choice!
  12. Terminus, All Change!

    At Bury St Edmunds MRC exhibition on Saturday 09/09/17 Birkenhead Trams 70 & 69, Teesside Trolleybus T294 Hong Kong Works Tram 400
  13. Something's Brewing...

    Floor the entire track in cobbles. No ballast as the brewery would want to keep the site clean and be regularly washed down. Name: Take an old brewery name eg:Watney, Worthington, or try:http://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/brewery-names.php#.WbBdObJ97IU Dave
  14. Terminus, All Change!

    At last! My Hong Kong Works Car 400 conversion is now complete.
  15. Terminus, All Change!

    Not always Hong Kong Cars, here's an all British display using Corgi London Transport Tower Wagon 89Q, Bachmann Birkenhead Trams 70and 69, and Atlas Teesside Municipal Transport Trolleybus T294.