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  1. End of my 2018 Exhibition Year

    In 2018 I was booked to appear at 10 exhibitions, but due to 'The Beast from the East' earlier in the year I had to drop out of the March & District MRC show in March. The remaining nine I did were: February, Stafford Railway Circle with 'Terminus - All Change!!!' April, Luton Model Railway Club and Hope Methodist Church Rushden with 'Terminus - All Change!!!' June. Trains at Trinity Biggleswade, and Totally Models Blackpool with 'New Walmington Pier' July, Robert Barclay Academy Hoddesdon with 'Terminus - All Change!!!' last public appearance before being sold in October. August, Bishop's Stortford Railway Society with 'New Walmington Pier' October, Colchester & District Model Railway Club with 'New Walmington Pier' November, Kempston & District Model Railway Club with 'New Walmington Pier' Back in action from next April with 'New Walmington Pier' and 'All Cars Stop Here 所有的汽车停在这里' Here's a few photos of New Walmington Pier taken from my side of the layout and a public view all at Kempston.
  2. All Cars Stop Here

    This layout has a modern office backscene but needs a Hong Kong endscene to give the layout its oriental character. Having googled free-issue stock photos I've come up with one that with slight adjustment will fit the bill.
  3. My layout websites

    Just updated both of my layout websites with home location - currently Stowmarket, Suffolk but likely to be Southampton from sometime in 2020.www.hongkongtramlayout.webs.comandwww.newwalmingtonpier.com
  4. Terminus, All Change!

  5. Terminus, All Change!

    Planning to move from Suffolk to Hampshire next year, so Terminus - All Change will be up for salewith the trams and road vehicles being sold separately.
  6. All Cars Stop Here

    All Cars Stop Here - OO scale Hong Kong themed microlayout nearing completion.Recently hooveredthe rail gaps in the paved areas (Auhagen track inserts are a bit tight) followed by some more playing trams - photos are of HK Works Car 400, HKT 45 , 56, and 106 in action andTrack Contractor figures added. Works Car 400 stabled on the newly-commissioned crossover. HKT Car 56 passing 400 on the crossover. HKT 45 at the westbound tram stop. HKT 106 just entering the layout on the eastbound track. Citybus Volvo Olympian 521 (HA 9804) in the bus bay adjacent to the westbound tram stop. Now almost ready for its first exhibition!!
  7. All Cars Stop Here

    'All Cars Stop Here' made its first public viewing at my local Tramway & Light Railway Society Group meeting at Ipswich Transport Museum along with Peter Boyt's 'Crickey - It's a shed (He forgot the shed!) and Phil Carver' magnetically connected N scale trolleybuses and trams. The real star of the day was the latest restoration of the museum's Cambridge Horse Tram 7. All Cars Stop Here 所有的车都停在这里Hong Kong themed microlayout. Illuminated Faller Carousel on Peter Boyt's 'Crickey it's a shed' Phil Carver's magnetically connected N scale trolleybuses and trams. Cambridge Horse Tram 7 with its first upper deck seat in place - this tram last ran in 1914.
  8. All Cars Stop Here

    New set of photos taken 19/08: All Cars Stop Here - All Three Feet of it! Bachmann HKT 45 in the earlier JCDecaux advertising wrap. Bachmann HKT 56 inHong Kong Tramways centennial wrap on the emergency crossover. Bachmann HKT 106 in the current JCDecaux advertising wrap about to reverse over the emergency crossover. My own conversion of HKT Works Car 400 negotiating the emergency crossover. Corgi Citybus Volvo Olympian in the bus bay. Just to add streetlamps, around100 figures, and Chinese banners, but they can wait until my return from Hong Kong in January. Enjoy!!!
  9. More mucking about with New Walmington Pier

    I'll do my best John, but it's not easy whilst exhibiting!!! Cheers, Dave
  10. More mucking about with New Walmington Pier

    New Walmington Pier will be at the Bishop's Stortford Railway Society Exhibition on Saturday 18th August at Birchwood High School, Parsonage Lane, Bishop's Stortford CM23 5BD. www.newwalmingtonpier.com
  11. Priestfield Depot

    Something from BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-asia-china-45036293/hong-kong-artist-photographs-city-s-tram-system
  12. All Cars Stop Here

    All Cars Stop Here - OO scale Hong Kong influenced micro-layout. has now grown up enough to cease to be a workbench item as it is nowbeginning to look like a tram layout! Works Car 400 sitting by the incomplete yet operational emergency crossover. Hobby Scenes road cones protect the work site and Caboose Industries 208S Switch Throws provide point operation (I used to model HO American). Bachman HKT Car 56 and Corgi Citybus Volvo Olympian at the west end of the micro. All Cars Stop Here - 05/08/18.
  13. Priestfield Depot

    The photo is Hong Kong Tramways Whitty Street Depot which i will be visiting next January whilst on a cruise from Shanghai to Singapore.
  14. Priestfield Depot

    They say 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery'!
  15. All Cars Stop Here

    The ballasting was a disaster so out it came and the crossover sits in a 'concrete pit' awaiting final surfacing. Busch road surfacing was added to the infill between tracks and to the bus stand area. Some pavement has been added and yesterday (22/7) test running commenced - a bit erratic at first but HK Works Car 400 gradually improved as running progressed.