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  1. Jack's modern image fleet

    UPDATE 26/05/2018: Can't wait to get the overtime in soon! I've been a bad boy again. A spell of 7 days where 2 bargains have cropped up. Couldn't resist! First up, Bachmann limited edition 37/4, more importantly 37425 'Pride of the Valleys / Balchder y Cymoedd' in large logo as it was in its final years with EWS and later DB before being transferred to DRS who put it in the house colours. Model came pre-weathered and was immaculate otherwise. Secondly, and still available if you're quick, Kernow Model Centre is shifting their stock of Hornby Class 60s in the silver DB 'Drax' livery. For a steal of £90, it was another deal too hard to miss. Especially considering even 2nd hand tugs go for a few quid. Right, to the photos!
  2. Jack's modern image fleet

    Mornin' all, Thought I'd publish a list of the model stock I currently own, and when I get round to it, inform you of new items of stock that have arrived into the depot or indeed left. CURRENT RESIDENTS: 4469 "Gadwall"(London North Eastern RailwayGarter Blue) 20309 (Direct Rail Services Compass) 20312(Direct Rail Services Compass) 37116 (Colas Railfreight) 37175 (Colas Railfreight) 37425 "Pride of the Valleys" (EWS / BR Large Logo) 37670 "St Blazey T&RSMD"(Deutsche Bahn Schenker) 47739 "Robin of Templecombe"(Colas Rail) 56302 (Colas Railfreight) 57315 (Arriva Trains Wales WAG blue) 60066 (DB / Drax silver) 67002 (Arriva Trains Wales WAG plain blue) 67004 "Cairn Gorm" (Serco Caledonian Sleeper blue) 67014 "Thomas Telford" (Wrexham, Shropshire and Marylebone Railway) 68003 "Astute" (Direct Rail Services Compass) 70006 (Freightliner PowerHaul) 82301(Wrexham, Shropshire and Marylebone Railway) 82305 (Chiltern Railways Mainline) 82307(Arriva Trains Wales WAG blue) 1210xx (Chiltern Railways Mainline) 121032 (Arriva Trains Wales cream/turquoise) 143609 "Tom Jones" (Arriva Trains Wales cream/turquoise) 150202 (Centro) x2** 153318 (Great Western Railway green) 153327 (Arriva Trains Wales WAG blue) 153334 (London Midland) 153367 (Arriva Trains Wales cream/turquoise) 153374 (East Midlands Trains blue) x2 153376 (Central Trains / East Midlands Trains green) 153382 (Wessex Trains /Devon and Cornwall advert) 170102 (CrossCountry) 350101 (London Midland) 390012 (Virgin Trains) 395001 (SouthEastern High Speed) DR98910 (Railtrack) RECENT ARRIVALS: 37425 56302 60066 68003 RECENT DEPARTURES: n/a Below is a list of the fixed rakes that run behind locos (certain engines will be more-or-less assigned to certain consists, but for this list will be omitted). The * denotes a designated carriage number to replace the current one. ** denotes a 2nd set used as spares. CONSISTS: Wrexham - 82301 (DVT), 10255 (RFM), 12117 (TSO), 12145 (TSO), 12117 (TSO) + LOCO Chiltern - 82305 (DVT), 12180 (TSO), 12017*(TSO), 12094* (TSO) + LOCO Arriva - 10246* (RFM), 5965 (TSO), 5976 (TSO), 9521 (BSO) Arriva 2 - 82307 (DVT), 10259 (RFM), 12177 (TSO), 12180 (TSO), 12179 (TSO) + LOCO Network Rail -3170 5992 102-1 (IOA),3170 5992 102-1 (IOA),3170 5992 102-1(IOA),3170 5992 102-1 (IOA),3170 5992 102-1 (IOA), 3170 5992 107-0(IOA) + LOCO All other wagons/coaches form various mixed rakes.
  3. Jack's modern image fleet

    UPDATE 05/05/2018: I've been inactive on here for quite a while recently, mainly owing to a new job and having relocated from Manchester to York for it. As a result, I'm now in a smaller flat and have no room for any modelling - not even a boxfile! However, I have made 2 'big' purchases recently and thought I should update you all with them. First up, over Easter I helped out at the Ffestiniog Railway's stand at the York Model Railway, and whilst mooching around I stumbled across the Rails (of Sheffield) stand who were selling Dapol's 2nd batch of Class 68 models at a cheap price! So unfortunately my wallet took a hit as I purchased a DRS 68003 'Astute' DCC ready for a decent price of £105, 15-20 quid cheaper than most shops. Nothing happened since then until today where a mate messaged me saying there was a Hornby DCC sound Colas 56 in his local model shop for £140. Bargain? Considering the models go for £220+ nowadays, it certainly seemed wrong leaving it on there. Closer inspection reveals it's actually a custom respray, but done to a high standard using what appears to be Railtec transfers. A few little things have to be done to the model to bring it up to 'as new' standard, but even under the circumstances, a sound loco at that price is quite a steal going by the current prices. Here's a photo of my 56302 with my mate's factory-finish 56 tucked inside on his layout: Very much looking forward to collecting it at some point. My latest commissioned respray, 67029, can be seen in the background.
  4. Gilfach Forgoed

    So a recent conversation with a friend has brought a shack to my attention, and a perfect little project to work on until I sort out a bigger layout. Shack, surely not? Absolutely! Check the Wikipediapage out. With platforms only measuring 16m, not even a 153 fits on properly so a local door job for the train crew and passengers. 2 lights on each platform, complete with shelter and platform screens, all of which are recent upgrades/additions. Photo credit to Jamie Spencer Will make a great self-contained diorama/micro layout for my 153 and 143 to utilise. Going to model the station in the dark, and utilising the box from the failed competition entry I did. Here's the plan: One thing that should also be mentioned is, this is apparently the only railway station in the UK on the mainline network that has no station sign identifying where it is. Nothing. It has some timetables at the top of one of the ramps, but that's it. First job will be clearing the light amount of clutter off the old box board and filling in the ballast gaps where the crossing used to be. Then it's onto the platforms and embankment as well as the road bridge. Hope to scratchbuild a lot of stuff using textures printed off my computer. Let the challenge begin.
  5. Gilfach Forgoed

    That's exactly the plan!
  6. Gilfach Forgoed

    Snip snip cut cut. Lots of card cutting, glueing, fixing and posing, I have the following.
  7. Jack's modern image fleet

    Haha, benefits of being single. It is, but the colour is wrong and it didn't last in it. I've remembered that the real thing is now in plain DB livery, so is a good contender...
  8. Jack's modern image fleet

    Facebook group! It's where most of my bargains come from. Can't remember which, but there's a few which have thousands of members, and deals like this go quickly.
  9. Jack's modern image fleet

    UPDATE 11/01/2018: Turned my phone on having woken up on Saturday morning, first thing that pops up? For £64 posted, brand new albeit with the sound taken out, I couldn't say no could I? It'll be put into storage and resprayed into DBS at some point in the year. But first, gotta sort out my 150 and 153 projects first.
  10. Well I am back

    Welcome back James.
  11. Essellty on eBay

    I was thinking the same Dave. Dodgy stuff going on there!
  12. Christmas Greetings 2017

    All the best everyone. Thanks for another enjoyable year and I look forward to seeing everyone on the other side of the New Year.
  13. Jack's Workbench

    It seems to be wrong putting a photo of a loco or wagon on Craven Mills (scenic reasons) in my Basford Parkway topic, so from now on, all pictures that are workbench type things (eg. new locos, projects, maintenance etc) will be found here. To start off, here are 4 pictures of my lovely 37114 which arrived this morning. This loco used to belong to Philip (F1p) on Windward Railway, but he decided to get rid and its now in my hands Also, ive decided to renumber my trains (decoder numbers) as I am starting to get a bigger range and people sometimes, when they play with them, they forget the numbers. So, they are to be renumbered to logical ones which are easy to find. For example, 66701 will become #01. 153324 will become #24. 37114 will become #14 Simples.
  14. Jack's Workbench

    Decided to hold the FGW 150 project until Steve at Railtec sends some spare transfers out as there weren't quite enough of the EDR details in the pack to make mine. Don't want to be halfway through then leave it unattended. So I decided to move onto sorting a few other little jobs about after my latest delivery from Steve arrived today. I'll let the photos do the talking Former 153374 now as East Midlands Trains 153383 'Ecclesbourne Valley Railway 150 Years' Deutsche Bahn 67029 'Royal Diamond' complete with its nameplates You wouldn't think the nameplates are transfers, would you? The 3D technology he uses is incredible! The rest of the fleet will get his nameplates at some point.
  15. Best Simulator???

    The Churnet Valley and Keithley & Worth are currently available (the latter being WIP still) for free here -https://www.vulcanproductions.co.uk/route-downloads.html One thing to watch with these free routes, reskins and such is that they often use payware base models. So before downloading, check what they require.
  16. Best Simulator???

    There's more freeware for heritage railways because the big names want to concentrate on the likes of the mainlines.
  17. Best Simulator???

    As the actual programme goes, TS2017 is exactly the same as 2018, except it comes with different routes. You could even go a few years back and there'd only be a few differences.
  18. Jack's Workbench

    Unfortunately, after closer inspection, the GWR 153 is going to be stripped back. There's weird marks that have appeared under the transfers. Possibly from dodgy varnish, but it's unremovable without causing damage to the transfers. The model will be stripped back completely over the coming weeks and will be transferred (pardon the pun) into FGW plain blue to match the 150 I'm doing.
  19. Best Simulator???

    I use Trainsimulator 2018. Fantastic bit of software, but requires some computer power to process it. Lots of the newer stuff, especially from the likes of Armstrong Powerhouse, are incredibly detailed and can't be beaten. You only have to look here to see. Another thing you'll have to be careful of is money. It easily engulfs your money if you're not careful.
  20. Jack's modern image fleet

    UPDATE 06/12/2017: Oops! Dapol Hattons limited edition 121032 arrived in the country the other day. Couldn't wait until payday so decided to cough up! It's fair to say my account is really suffering now. It's a stunning model and attention to detail is incredible, especially below the sole bar. The model has had its buffer beam detailing fitted and now takes pride place on the loco display shelf. It's a shame they couldn't allow for the extra window tooling in the guards van (should be 2 instead of 1), but nevertheless it's a beautiful model and a welcome addition to the collection.
  21. Jack's Workbench

    Transfers have started! Eek!
  22. Jack's Workbench

    The display stand has been sprayed black this morning, and drastically improves the look of it. In other news, the FGW 150/9 project has taken another step forward as the doors are now pink and cantraillining has started. Close up photos don't do the model that much justice, as masking lines and such show up. Nevertheless, I'm starting to really like what I'm seeing. The cantrail lines have gone on one side on each coach. The other side will be done after work tomorrow before the main logos and such will go on. I aim to get the respray side of the project completed before my trip to London on Thursday afternoon.
  23. Jack's Workbench

    Visited the Manchester Model Railway Society's exhibition today and managed to pick up a few necessities, including some superglue and First Group pink paint for the 150 project (long overdue paint). One of my 2 'big' purchases was a tiered OO gauge display stand made from laser cut MDF. It's something I've been eyeing up for a while now, but when I saw it available at the show for a bargain price of £25, I decided to snap one up. I'm assuming it's a new product to their range, as it's not on their website yet. No instructions yet (again, waiting to be uploaded onto the website) but a bit of logic and it was together in no time. Very impressed. Looks the part and showcases my stock really professionally. It even has etched railway sleepers where the grooves are for the wheels to sit in - subtle detail. The lighting in the lounge where this is isn't the best, so I'll fit some LED strips to the shelf at some point. I'm also going to paint itso the models stand out even more. Thinking of black as the colour?
  24. THE Christmas show - Manchester 2 & 3 December 2017!

    A fantastic show yet again! This year marks 10 years since my first visit to the MMRS show back at New Century Hall by Victoria station. Got in at 0945 and was there until 1400 ish. Well worth the day out and managed to snap up a few purchases along the way. Wasn't quite as busy at first but slowly filled up over the course of the morning and into the afternoon. Didn't take many photos as I decided to come out with a camera and a dead battery. Only took photos of the two layouts I came to see - Banbury (N) and The Sidings (OO). The Sidings Banbury Well done to the organisers, traders, layout owners and such. A great show.
  25. How To Find The Chiltern Railways Class 68s?

    If there's no alteration on the timings, there's no need to change it from DMU to Loco and stock.