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  1. Too early for a 2018 wishlist?

    Mine cost a whopper £175 for the two wagons. Don't get me wrong, it's an incredible price, and compared to what some go on fleaBay for, quite cheap. But it was gut choice I regret now...
  2. Too early for a 2018 wishlist?

    Pricey?! PRICEY?! You try telling me after I just bought a completed S-Kits jobby last week. Anyone fancy buying it off me? Pre-ordered the Hattons 3-wagon sandite one.
  3. Jack's Workbench

    Exactly what I've done. Got one last go before I run out of transfers.
  4. Jack's Workbench

    Trying to sort out the GWR 153 that I didn't quite finish from earlier in the year. Few transfers to go on, and every time I try and readjust them they tear and screw up. Maybe I'm too used to the better quality Railtec ones now and don't have the patience for the Precision ones? I'm now out of spares, and very close to stripping the model and starting again, but opting for an easier livery, perhaps basic FGW blue to match the 150? It'd certainly be easier... Frustrated.
  5. Jack's modern image fleet

    UPDATE 18/11/2017: Someone please tell me to keep off the internet. Mate said he was going to sell his East Mids 153 to get some funds in for Warley next weekend. He didn't have to wait long. I know those models are hard to find, as are most of the older 153 liveries, so it's currently on its way to me to be renumbered into 153383 and get 'Ecclesbourne Valley Railway 150 years' nameplates which I've asked Steve at Railtec to snap up for me when he's ready. Buggeration.
  6. Jack's modern image fleet

    Never seen one modelled in N that I can remember mate. My local RHTT here is an MPV, but the homeland is now done by 56s but as a 3-wagon formation.
  7. Jack's Workbench

    Drop us a message if you still want the transfers mate.
  8. Jack's Workbench

    Doesn't look half bad now! 67029 has received its final varnish and been reassembled as per Nameplates will be acquired in 2 weeks time at the Manchester show. Then it'll be into packaging and handing over to its owner. The 150 has progressed slowly. The yellow fronts have been done and headlights sorted out. Just trying to sort out the pink paint for the doors before I make a start on the branding.
  9. Jack's modern image fleet

    Couldn't agree more. I try and not look at them, but this post popped up and I cried. Yes. Yes I do. I've recently invested in some more Stobart Rail track machines. Currently got 5, with a further 2 more on their way. An engineering diorama, perhaps? Who knows
  10. Jack's modern image fleet

    UPDATE 16/11/2017: 2 months since my last guilty purchase, and I find myself in the same situation again. Or certainly did last night. Trowling through Facebook, one of the guys I've sold stuff to before was hanging up his coat and selling a lot of his models, some of which I saw and went "Yep, I'll have that and that". First up, a Bachmann Colas 37421 bodyshell. No chassis, but at £40 and with my 'requirement' to purchase 37099 when it comes out in May next year, I thought it'd be a lovely addition to the fleet. Yes, I've already got 2 Colas resprays I did myself. Do I like them? Not really. Am I selling them on? A mate will have them off me at some point. The next purchase was a "oh my, never seen one complete for sale before so I'm having it" purchase. I'm not going to say how much it was, as it's quite high, but I think for the amount of work gone into it and the rarity of it (and popularity of it after I snatched it up too), I have myself an RHTT set. It's nice that my DRS 20s have something to play with now! I mean 1 flask wagon wasn't going to be enough, was it?
  11. Aberforth

    Looking really good Staffs. Amazing what a bit of detailing can do to a layout.
  12. Jack's Workbench

    Been busy recentlyenjoying the last few days off before I have to return to work properly (rosters found loads of days I needed to take off) so I've been productive and continued with some workbench projects. The FGW 150 has finally had its roof painted. Few coats and the tape was removed revealing this: Need to do some masking up for the yellow so I can get rid of the white bits and bring it up to standard. However, I decided to bring my first commission onto the tables in the form of 67004 being resprayed into the DBS Management livery worn by 67029 'Royal Diamond'. I made very good progress with this and, thanks to quick drying paint, has got the stage where transfers can be fitted. Not going to touch it now until tomorrow as I want to make doubly sure that the paint is hard. But here it is in its various stages today: Body stripped of glazing and such fittings Yellow ends masked up ready for the body colour to go on Next up, the silver! The chassis received some black paint tocover up the Caledonian blue. This along with a dry body provided a great sight After a number of coats, I was satisfied that the silver had been sprayed evenly (with the odd blemish here and there recovered). It was time to tackle the very fiddly black seal around the cab window. Thanks to a member on another forum providing an easy solution, it didn't take much time to get it done It'd be rude to not pose the model with the real thing for comparison. The tape at the other end of the loco is to secure the top mesh grill whilst the glue dries. It's fair to say that it's really coming on well and I'm certainly very pleased with the result. It's not a professional job, as I myself am not a pro, but it's another step towards getting it right.
  13. All Cars Stop Here

    25 shows already? You've been busy! All the best with the new build Dave.
  14. Best Sites/Apps for Train Times & Movements

    RTT does have an app but you have to pay for it and it's more restrictive. The mobile version on browsers is very good too.
  15. Best Sites/Apps for Train Times & Movements

    Realtimetrains.co.uk is the big one that people use. It, like OTT, is direct data feed from Network Rail, but the interface is much better and suited for all devices, mobile and desktop. OTT and the likes of Traksyhave live track diagrams which are also just as useful. You'll find that once you've used RTT, it'll be a game changer.