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  1. Matt’s 3D printing workbench...

    Sure will be!
  2. Matt’s 3D printing workbench...

    Looks great matt, Would love to get one myself, so excited to see your results!
  3. THE Christmas show - Manchester 2 & 3 December 2017!

    Amazing, thanks for sharing Jack!
  4. Etruton

    Sounds really good Richard, Suppose use of modular connectors could be used to allow operation of any individual board if it will be difficult to get a chance to connect them all. 3x boards of 3m? Phil
  5. Hi Adam, Had a quick look into this, unfortunately this feature is restricted for security reasons as malicious code can be injected to the site. An alternative is trying [video]URL[/video] tags, this may work in some cases. Sites such as YouTube are automatically detected.
  6. You can try pressing Source, and paste in the embeded HTML.
  7. Sorry for the interruption in service this afternoon, back to normal now.

  8. Sorry, been in Canada for a few weeks and only catching up. Is thata DC or AC Supply? Perf boardlooks OK to me, assuming its a +12V supply (not sure about why its 18V?) TIP120's are either for motor control or higher voltage (eg 12V)
  9. Carl's Train Automation

    What are you using for short circuit detection? Monster amount of current there!
  10. Jack's modern image fleet

    Looks like you had a good day!
  11. Hi, Are the signals & servos DCC? You may be able to run some of these directly from the Arduin if they have a wire for each colour. A transistor could be used for supplying 12V. Philip
  12. Hi, Is the problem around the pins you use for the optoisolator? You get 4 pin versions which are easier to understand. Did you get the same chip as on the drawing? Phil
  13. Carl's Train Automation

    Hi Carl and welcome, What controller are you using. I have written a few topics on here and would like to hear a bit more about yours. Thanks, Phil
  14. Hi Jens, You should use the "A" side only for connecting to the rails if you are using the same pins as i did. Phil
  15. TV show volunteers

    If anyone fancies a holiday to the area! Similar to the James May special a few years ago. Wonder who is sponsoring it! Model railway line planned for the Highlands -