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  1. Inverduff - North East Scotland in N gauge

    Wow, wonderful! You get a lot in a small space in N! Fictitious layouts RULE!

    I am an Electrical Design Engineer,I built my first layout in the 70’s in a shed in the garden, a 6ft x 4ft effort that started the ball rolling while i was at school. The second incarnation was an end to end affair some 15ft long by 18ins wide in my friends loft. The third was a rehash of the seconds boards in my siblings house. There was then a pause for the fairer sex, marriage and a family. Next came the resurgence in the form of a new layout at my current abode, with some influence that it was for “the little ones”, a 16ft long by 30in wide board was erected. The little ones became big, and I was persuaded to relinquish the spare room for teenager “personal space”. Eventually they wanted “personal space” and moved out! The room once again became the train room and soon a new 10ft 6in by 4ft layout was constructed, on the premise it was for the “little one”, a later addition! That was over 10years ago! Work away from home has given me little time to indulge my hobbies at home, but has been a means of giving spare time to buy huge quantities of stock and materials to create a monster layout! Recent events haveallowed me time to design phase 2 and I have started documenting it in my website LUMSDONIA HOWEVER, my involvement in another forum and my unusual (for my age) dexterity with PC's and the web (I have had a website for 20 years) has led to the development of a website for my musings and general spasmodic updates about my layout. But over the last year or two, it has rapidly become a Model Railways resource of info! I also have a complimentaryYoutubechannel, mostly about investigating new animated features for my layout. Sections include my layout, guides for beginners, ever expanding "How to's", tips, glossary and guides and even a shop section of FREEdownloadablepdf's
  3. TimberSurf intro

    Hi Electrical Engineer, modeller, webmaster, LED maniac, animotion is my thing I currently have a 12ft x 2ft layout that is the beginning of a larger master plan. OO, DCC, Arduino and (eventually) full block control My Website Lumsdonia My Youtube Timbersurfchannel I will start a layout thread soon!