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  1. Manchester Victoria Station's Telpher

    Reading an old issue of the BackTrack Magazine I discovered something about Manchester Victoria Station, something of which I was completely unaware! As an engineer in my past, I should have been aware of what a Telpher is. Sadly, I have only just realised! It is an interesting piece of trivia. The Telpher was used to transport parcels across the full width of the station and operated throughout the interwar period. You can find out more by following this link:
  2. Tramways de l'Aude

    This is the final planned post on the Tramways de l'Aude.
  3. Tramways de l'Aude

    We are nearing the end of a long journey through the countryside of the Departement de l'Aude. This is the penultimate post covering the Tramways of the Departement and covers the line between Narbonne and Ouveillan. The last post that I have planned covers the line between Narbonne and Fluery d'Aude.
  4. Provence Metre-Gauge Railways - the Central Var Line

    A PostScript on the Central Var Line which covers a short walk along the line close to Seillans Station ....
  5. Provence Metre-Gauge Railways - Le Macaron

    One final PostScript on Le Macaron from our holiday in St. Raphael ....
  6. Provence Metre-Gauge Railways - Le Macaron

    This link contains, among other things, pictures taken on 18th November 2018 on and around the line of Le Macaron: It was a bright but blowy day on the Mediterranean Coast!
  7. Provence Metre-Gauge Railways - Le Macaron

    On Sunday 18th November, Jo and I travelled from St. Raphael via the Sunday Market in Le Muy to Hyeres. We enjoyed an hour or so on the spit of land extending out from Hyeres towards Iles d'Hyeres and we had lunch next to La Tour Fondue. We spent the rest of the day following Le Macaron from Hyeres to Sainte-Maxime. Nothing I saw on the journey caused me concern about the text of the series of blog posts I have written about the route and that I have already provided links to on this thread. I was able to take a few pictures while on the journey, although there was little time to stop if the full journey was to be completed in daylight! I will post a link to the photographs in due course. On the journey we were also able to make two detours. The first, to Les Bormettes and the site of the old torpedo factory at what is now known as Miramar. The second to St. Tropez. The relevant links to my blog are:
  8. Hereford UK in N Gauge

    February 2018 update on the construction of the loft layout of Hereford Station and MPD The card models on the layout were constructed from drawings made on 'Paint'. I have just loaded drawings of the Signal Box at the North of the Station and of the Station footbridge onto my blog. The relevant links are: and's last but one post: is the final post from David about his work on the model of Hereford Station: This is a link to a wider range of photos about the Hereford layout for the period to April 2018: Apologies for the delay in posting the last few posts on this thread. Asv will be obvious from the last post providing a link to photographs, I thought I had posted this previous posts in April this year. I was about to post an update for November 2018 when I realised that the earlier posts had not been added to the thread. Progress has been very slow to non-existent. I was in my loft last week and thought a few pictures might be a good idea. Sadly other matters have demanded my time in recent months.
  9. Provence Metre-Gauge Railways - Le Macaron

    In November 2018 my wife and I stayed in St. Raphael for 10 days. On a couple of those days, Jo and I were able to visit the old Chemin de Fer du Sud de La France station site alongside the old PLM station. The modern SNCF station seems to me to be just as ugly as I thought it would be. The site of the old metre-gauge station is now covered by the Gare Routiere. The structures which supported the old line alongside the main PLM line remain and are now in use by small retail outlets. As far as we could tell the details given in the original version of the post below are all correct. I have just added a postcript and some photos.
  10. Provence Metre-Gauge Railways - the Central Var Line

    On the same journey on 15th November 2018, Jo and I were also fortunate enough to follow the line of the D94 linking Tanneron to the site of its station, and then to travel along the D562 and the Avenue de Narbonne before visiting the village of Montauroux The result of these visits has been some minor additions to the post below, particularly some photographs.
  11. Provence Metre-Gauge Railways - the Central Var Line

    In November 2018, my wife and I visited a number of the perched villages in the area around Fayence. As a result, I have updated one or two posts on my blog which relate to parts of the Central Var metre-gauge line. The changes to the post below relate to a visit to the perched village of Tanneron which sits high in the hills above the line. The village is a staggering 11 kilometres from the old station which bore its name.
  12. Tramways de l'Aude

    This next post focusses on the three tramways which served the city of Narbonne.
  13. Tramways de l'Aude

    This post about the Tramways de l'Aude has us arriving in Narbonne .....
  14. Tramways de l'Aude

    The Tramways de l'Aude finally reached the Mediterranean coast at the popular resort of Port La Nouvelle .........
  15. Tramways de l'Aude

    As a result of some kind help from a number of people I have been able to establish the actual route of the tramway leaving Lezignan for the south-eastern part of the network. I have updated my blog accordingly. The revised text and additional aerial image have been included today (26th October 2018) in the original post: