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  1. Great Chesterford Junction

    Thanks Matt... progress has been slowed by domestic duties at the moment... might get some more done tonight...we`ll see???? Gormo
  2. Great Chesterford Junction

    OK Matt... you win... I`ll have a go old mate!!! Like this.....?????? So there you are folks... the wheels are in motion. The scribe works perfectly and was worth the trouble of building it. A bonus feature with it is that I can do a light scribe on the platform surface tomark a line for my electrical tape masking, before starting a section... very handy.!! It seems best to do small sections at a time... approx 300mm .....because as the pastel is drying you can work the area and texture it to suit what you have in mind. A large area would see the pastel drying before you could manipulate it with the brush. I will wait till the whole platform is finished before I seal the surface. More as it happens Gormo
  3. Great Chesterford Junction

    Thanks Matt........it will happen... sometime ....maybe... soon...I think..........Umm.??????
  4. Still my favourite loco of all time!

    Doesn`t matter... just watch what you like and then push pause. Great clip by the way. Gormo PS... I appear to have been logged in all night.........you`re not alone Ron
  5. St Micheal (nee San Miguel)

    Ian I`m drooling over your buildings. They look really good...........I like your track plan too... plenty of scope for interesting operations there. Gormo
  6. Victoria Road

    Well Paul... they are nice clear pictures........that looks like a good buy and the tablet as well.!! Gormo
  7. The Deene Railway

    Ok... it all makes sense now ,,,,but Andy that dog is the wrong scale.????? Gormo
  8. Still my favourite loco of all time!

    Yes ....now you`re talkin` Matt, there`s nothing sweeter than one of these locos at speed........hypnotic to watch. Nice pics Ron Gormo
  9. Hello to all

    G`day Andy, How ya goin` mate !!!.......welcome aboard... nice to have you here. Gormo
  10. The Deene Railway

    Nice Andy, Plenty of scope there for scenery... may I ask what you have in mind?? Gormo
  11. Great Chesterford Junction

    Yes Andy, That would work... possibly a slightly different method to hold the pencil.????...but yes I think it`s feasible. I should point out that the blade holder was designed to take the larger blade bearing in mind that the smaller version of the blade would easily fit in the same way. The smaller blade will give an even finer mortar coarse. Gormo
  12. Great Chesterford Junction

    OK Ron .....will do.........tomorrow... maybe... or Sunday Gormo
  13. Great Chesterford Junction

    G`day Folks, Well the platform is papered and ready for colouring, when I`ve got the guts to take the plunge and go for it. There were no issues at all sticking it down. I used PVA brushed onto the MDF to give an even coat and not too much near the edges. The paper was cut over size .....stuck down and then trimmed with a snap off blade flush with the platform edge. The paper worked OK but one of the things I need, to go forward ,is a scribe that will take snap off disposable blades. So I made a rough one this afternoon and I`m sure it will do the job just fine. It was just made out of scrap timber and no great care was taken to produce a beautiful item, rather a one off practical tool. Here it is with adjustable and removable blade. The sliding arm is fully adjustable. The block straddles the twin tracks and is held against the platform edge to do the job. The longitudinal courses required for the platform will be scribed using this tool.........hopefully???....and the courses running across the platforms will be scribed with a straight edge as per normal. That`s it folks... I`ve got the tools... I`ve got the materials... I just need to make that jump to light speed and we`re away..!!! Yaaaayyy!!!! More as it happens Gormo
  14. Hinchcliffe

    G`day Ron. Whatever you use for the track plan will be fine. I have used coloured electrical tape in the past, however I did varnish over the top of it to seal it and stop the whole lot peeling off... which worked and lasted for years. As far as the electric pencil / probe goes... I used a Test Probe for a multi meter... you can get them in various sizes and cheap... an example below. http://www.jaycar.com.au/Test-%26-Measurement/Multimeters/Accessories/2mm-TEST-PROBES-For-MULTIMETER---Pk-2/p/PP0425 The studs I used were made from small ( modelling type )brass nuts and bolts. They are a secure fit and being brass, it`s easy to solder a wire to the back end of the bolt. But..?????.....that was the home made version done on MDF... your stud and probe system is much more elegant. My most recent track plan was done in Excel........printed out... laminated and stuck to 3mm MDF with a spray adhesive. Holes were then punched through for switches and LED`s. Here is an example of what can be done... although this one is still under development. I have template packages to suit Excel, Libre Office and Open Office. They can be downloaded at the following link. https://sites.google.com/site/greatchesterfordmodelrailway/home/downloads Hope this has been of some assistance. Gormo
  15. Movies

    Yeah Ron, She`ll never work that one out... That`s a shame about the software.........but there must be something that`ll do the job and be safe... oh well... that`s the times we live in... someones always trying to scam you or stuff up your computer with some sort of bug.?????. Gormo