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  2. Tramways de l'Aude

    This post carries a bonus! Two lengths of the Tramways de l'Aude in one post! Each is dealt with separately in the posts below. I hope you enjoy them. There is still a significant amount of the network to investigate!
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  4. Tramways de l'Aude

    This next length of Les Tramways de l'Aude takes us south of Lezignan-Corbieres. Some assumptions have had to be made about the route followed based on what appears to be the route in Michelin Maps of the 1930s. Should anyone have better evidence of the route, I'd be delighted to hear from them.
  5. TimberSurf intro

    Hi Electrical Engineer, modeller, webmaster, LED maniac, animotion is my thing I currently have a 12ft x 2ft layout that is the beginning of a larger master plan. OO, DCC, Arduino and (eventually) full block control My Website Lumsdonia My Youtube Timbersurfchannel I will start a layout thread soon!
  6. Terminus, All Change!

  7. Tramways de l'Aude

    This next post completes the length of the Tramways de l'Aude from Carcassonne to Lezignan. The post which follows will begin to look at the tramways to the South and East of Lezignan-Corbieres.
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  9. It's that time of year again - the 2018 Portsmouth Model Railway Exhibition will be held on Saturday 17th November. The Exhibition is at the usual location ... Admiral Lord Nelson School, Dundas Lane, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO3 5XT - opposite Ocean Park (Homebase, Curries PC World, McDonalds, Costa, M&S Foodhall etc.). Full details of the layouts, traders and other stands can be found on our website at: This year we will be showcasing layouts and traders here on this forum in the run up to the 17th. We look forward to you visiting the Exhbition, enjoying the layouts, and making our traders happy! Here is the list of layouts and traders etc. currently confirmed: Layouts Banbury End of the line Ferring Fulton Terminal Hope Under Dinmore Horselunges Leysdown Outwell Village Sherton Abbas Stoke by Nayland Trowland Widley St George Traders Booklaw Publications C & L Coastal DCC Falcon Masterpiece Models Frome Model Centre London Road Models Model Railway Developments Penbits Rumney Models Squires Tools The Model Shop, Portsmouth Tim Horn Baseboards Demonstrators Jerry Clifford Roger Sawyer Roy Hickman Societies 2mm Society EMGS MERG Scalefour Society
  10. Terminus, All Change!

    Planning to move from Suffolk to Hampshire next year, so Terminus - All Change will be up for salewith the trams and road vehicles being sold separately.
  11. new year new project

    Hi all Well it will soon be warm enough to return to the shed and get on with the main layout. This is where I am at with the winter distraction. The shop is not yet completed and the white Japan Railways van is a bit to modern for my liking but is the only 1/80 vehicle I have been able to find the one I wanted grumble grumble is sold out. The plan is to have a Tori arch left rear and a bit of a hill to the right of the shop to break up the roundy roundy effect. The shop may have to move back a little more there is still a little further it can go if needs be. It is still a make up as it goes along project. regards John
  12. Tramways de l'Aude

    It has been a few weeks since my last post on the Tramways de l'Aude This next section is the length from Caunes-Minervois in the Aude to Siran in Herault. Topography in this area means that road gradients and curvature at the time of the building of the tramway were such that at times the tramway had to find its own route. There are two such significant lengths on the tramway in the first part of its journey with the Departement of Herault.
  13. The Crossing

    Hi Bob And how long has this been here and I have only just noticed it. If the scale is right you just have to cut it into the new improved layout somewhere. regards john
  14. Leberecht, my Prussian H0 layout.

    I cannot give a very detailed description of the next stages of the layouts construction as that was in the capable hands of my scenery guru, Doug Coombes, I can only show some photos he sent me as updates while I was getting some relaxation in. I do know that Doug spent some time studying and practicing the techniques of Josef Brandl and Gordon Gravett but this was long ago although I believe he gave himself a refresher course before starting work. First, Doug painted the plaster castings. Scenery on Leberecht by Allegheny1633, on Flickr You can see how difficult it was to disguise my crude attempt at filling the gaps between the castings, sadly this caused Doug much angst and he had to paint over my filler several times, leading to a darker finish than was otherwise necessary or wanted. Scenery on Leberecht by Allegheny1633, on Flickr Scenery on Leberecht by Allegheny1633, on Flickr Fortunately, I had not used any filler on the retaining walls so they came out much more satisfactorily and won’t need to be redone. Next came the grassing with the electrostatic gun. Greece 2018 by Allegheny1633, on Flickr Greece 2018 by Allegheny1633, on Flickr While I’m working rapidly through the photos, I must point out there was a lot of work just to get to this stage. Each static gun use only covers a relatively small area of terrain, partly because the charge fades away if working far from the earthing nail and partly because of the need to work onto wet PVA. After grassing came the weeding, that is adding weeds, not removing them. Greece 2018 by Allegheny1633, on Flickr Greece 2018 by Allegheny1633, on Flickr Next, trees were added and more weeds around the bases of the trees. Greece 2018 by Allegheny1633, on Flickr Greece 2018 by Allegheny1633, on Flickr I had researched the types of tree to be found on Luneburg Heath and they included Spruce, Birch, Beech and Juniper. Most of these were available from MBR Model of Poland and I was very grateful that they had them all in stock and could ship very quickly indeed, this certainly saved my bacon. It may have been ‘nice’ to build my own trees but I have neither the experience, time nor motivation to do so when such magnificent models are available for a fair price. Probably the most important signature flora on Luneburg Heath however, is the heather which appears to grow everywhere and puts on a magnificent display, MBR do a purple shrub that looked a good match for the original. Greece 2018 by Allegheny1633, on Flickr Greece 2018 by Allegheny1633, on Flickr Actually, I think my heather is a still little tall despite Doug cutting it down from the original but it is the best I will get until Doug or I learn how to make it ourselves so it will stay for the time being. Finally, Doug then carefully masked off my track and added additional fixatives to secure the greenery and added further detailing such as ‘flowers’, ‘weeds’ and grass between the tracks and so forth. Greece 2018 by Allegheny1633, on Flickr Scenery on Leberecht CC. Doug Coombes by Allegheny1633, on Flickr While Doug was busy in the UK, I took my time in Greece to assemble in ‘flat pack’ form, my station building. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos, sorry. I had to build it in this way as I was so scared of it getting damaged on the flight home as it would have been too late to repair it by then. Next, the return home with just two full days prior to the layouts first exhibition appearance. Never again will I subject myself to this level of stress. All pictures © Doug Coombes.
  15. King's Lynn

    This is the third and final post about the Docks Railway in King's Lynn. The post covers the area around Bentinck Dock and has some detail about the Savage's Works on the East side of the dock. Savage's were internationally renowned for their steam-powered fairground attractions.
  16. King's Lynn

    The second part of a study on the Docks Branch in King's Lynn. ...... This post covers the area around the Alexandra Dock. A further post will follow to cover the railways around the Bentinck Dock.
  17. Leberecht, my Prussian H0 layout.

    Several years ago, my good friend Doug Coombes, bought lots of silicon rubber moulds from Werkstatt Spörle, a sadly now defunct company*. These moulds can be used to make the most exquisite plaster castings of all sorts of model infrastructure using fine quality casting or ‘dental’ plaster. One of the drawbacks of doings things this way, besides the castings being quite fragile, is the finished item is a quite stark white! To try and get around this we decided to experiment with adding dry powder paint to the plaster mix. The first batch we did was with 3 grams of paint to 100 grams of plaster but this was rather dark so we then moved on to 1 gram paint per 100 gram plaster. This was better but on reflection maybe we should have tried 1.5 gram per 100? Time was short so we pressed on with this 1% mix. Untitled by Allegheny1633, on Flickr Doug provided the materials and methods, I mainly just did the donkey work as well as the quality weighing scale, casting table and other tools. My first castings were a little too thick as I was learning the techniques. Within a few days, I had made quite a number of castings for the platforms, retaining walls, roadways and loading dock hard standing. I actually made rather more than was needed as I suspected we may have some breakages but, working carefully, I don’t recall any. Untitled by Allegheny1633, on Flickr Untitled by Allegheny1633, on Flickr Now the hard work began! Obviously, a plaster casting cannot bend at all and I needed to create some curved sections. So, I resolved to cut some sections into short strips, sand a fine taper onto one edge then reassemble - easier said than done. The main tools used were my fine modelling saw, fine sandpaper and a decent file. Individually, one piece of plaster only takes a couple of minutes to do but when I counted up the number of pieces used in my cutting, there were over fifty items - eek! That’s where the time goes. Untitled by Allegheny1633, on Flickr Untitled by Allegheny1633, on Flickr Untitled by Allegheny1633, on Flickr I found the worst problem for me was that this plaster is so fine, the dust created gets everywhere and really sucks the moisture out of your skin, next time - I must wear rubber gloves like the medical professionals wear. Be warned, especially if you have sensitive skin or skin conditions. Untitled by Allegheny1633, on Flickr After I had laid the platform and created ramps for the ends of the platform, despite my best (too rapid?) efforts, I had some unsightly gaps between the individual pieces so I went over all these gaps with my white squadron putty - which I had used previously without any problems. It’s lovely stuff for plastic modelling but not for plaster modelling! When Doug came to paint the castings, he was cursing me left & right for doing this as his paint would not cover the putty! Oops! Any future gaps MUST be filled with very liquid plaster. Eventually, he was able to cover the differences but it needed much more paint than would have been normal and so a lot of detail was lost, sadly. For this reason, a lot of my castings will eventually have to be redone. Anyway, my much needed holiday was rapidly approaching so the layout was transported over to Doug’s house so he could apply the greenery. Next time, John. *Similar moulds can now be obtained from these sites;
  18. Hi guys, An ex pat English man been in Canada for about ten years and six months, share model railways with military modelling, only have eight feet or so and I have just started a new layout based on a northern region/ Scottish border area stabling point, around 75 to privatisation, Thanks, Steve
  19. Banks road, "Modern image" 1990 to 2013 loco"s

    Still a great looking layout Neil.
  20. Leberecht, my Prussian H0 layout.

    Hello All, Having now finished my first show with this layout, it is now that I need to go back in time (so to speak) and show how I prepared the layout for the scenery. First, I painted a thick layer of PVA all over the pink foam areas and coated this with strips of plaster impregnated cloth. Some I did wet but after a while, I decided it might be better to do it dry and mist a small amount of water on afterwards - this seemed more effective. Once this was done and quite dry, I mixed up some plaster with 'brown' cement die and liberally painted a fairly thick coat all over. Untitled by Allegheny1633, on Flickr Untitled by Allegheny1633, on Flickr You can see that I also incorporated some cut-down plaster 'rock' castings too. Untitled by Allegheny1633, on Flickr The 'soil' is just that, collected from my garden, ground, sieved and baked at a low temperature for an hour or so. We don't want any real growth as it would be out of scale. It was now that I decided I really must do something about the remaining flat areas of the layout and apply the same treatment to them. Untitled by Allegheny1633, on Flickr Untitled by Allegheny1633, on Flickr I was very pleased with the improvement to the turntable area. Untitled by Allegheny1633, on Flickr The final ground treatment was to create a mix of chinchilla dust and my sieved soil to try and replicate the sandy soil seen in the Luneburg Heath area, where the layout is set. This was done by again coating the ground with a thick layer of PVA then spooning on quantities of mix followed by a generous spraying of diluted PVA to hold everything in place securely. Untitled by Allegheny1633, on Flickr Untitled by Allegheny1633, on Flickr That sums up the groundworks I think now onto the plaster castings. Cheers, John.
  21. King's Lynn

    The harbour branch left the mainline South of King's Lynn. The docks branch left the mainline close to King's Lynn Station. The post below includes a very short history of the harbour and docks and then covers the length of the branch from the station to John Kennedy Road.
  22. All Cars Stop Here

    All Cars Stop Here - OO scale Hong Kong themed microlayout nearing completion.Recently hooveredthe rail gaps in the paved areas (Auhagen track inserts are a bit tight) followed by some more playing trams - photos are of HK Works Car 400, HKT 45 , 56, and 106 in action andTrack Contractor figures added. Works Car 400 stabled on the newly-commissioned crossover. HKT Car 56 passing 400 on the crossover. HKT 45 at the westbound tram stop. HKT 106 just entering the layout on the eastbound track. Citybus Volvo Olympian 521 (HA 9804) in the bus bay adjacent to the westbound tram stop. Now almost ready for its first exhibition!!
  23. buz rail workshops

    Hi all Well nothing more can be done with the flying benches I have established Graham Farrish wagon wheels fit them and they are indeed NEM Pocket's So I wait for some as I only have farrish coach wheels Drat So I started assembling and painting a Japanese shop for the micro alluded to in my new project thread Sorry about the clamps and lackey band but that particular corner is being a pain it doesn't want to stick. The magnetic corner clamps seem to work very well, shame they are not a little bit smaller. regards John
  24. Leigh MRS 2018 Exhibition

    Here is the list of the traders due to attend; Abc Model Railways Along Classic Lines Leigh Models & Hobbies High Lane Models Ashton Model Centre Triangle Publishing SMTF Models Additional displays; Powerbond Glues Crafts display by Sue Kay Shows you how by David Edwards Catering by Sheringtons. Not long now,John
  25. Tramways de l'Aude

    In this post we travel along the tramway from Carcassonne to Caunes-Minervois. This is a pleasant meander through he countryside encountering small historic villages.
  26. Leigh MRS 2018 Exhibition

    Hello All,Here are the details of the various layouts that will be appearing at our show;Newton Sidings by Graham Speechley, (0)Clayton End Signalman by David George, (00)Daleside Group by Fred Holt, (N)Rensville by Keith Renshaw, (H0)Leberecht by John Edge, (H0)Lowmore by ??? (N)Conisthwaite by Gordon Mellor (0)Bickersleigh by Leigh MRS (00)Thomas & Friends by Leigh MRS (00)Weir by Leigh MRS (N)Leyth by Darren McHugh (00)Any mistakes are entirely my fault for trying to write this on my iPad rather than on the big computer!Traders next.John
  27. buz rail workshops

    Hi all A picture of the end hopefully you can pick the detail on the end. I think but it is yet to be proved that the slot is a NEM coupling pocket. I don't know if I should paint that bit black or just leave it red. regards John
  28. StaffsRail's Workbench

    I found some 3D printed ballast bags on ebay and have just finished painting and glueing them.
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