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  3. Pottendorf

    Pottendorf is featured in January's MIBA magazine, though I have still not received a copy, I suppose I will have to pay to see my own work? This is the Frankische Wohnhaus that was copied from the original in the open air museum in Bad Windsheim
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  5. Pottendorf

    Another 'lost' layout - this is Pottendorf, my last German outline layout, I have since retired from exhibiting. Tim
  6. Beaminster Road - Through Hardy's Wessex

    The rebuilding continues. Ignore the 'unfinished' appearance, this is definitely a 'work in progress' moment. The ground colour is Chocolate Torte from B&Q, it isn't too chocolate and actually resembles the local colour scheme in West Dorset of mud and grass. The SM's house and garden are just placed to give some idea of colour and proportions, it looks pretty sparse because that is the intention. Tim Hale
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  8. Hornby Dublo DCC

    hi Captainkirk I personally don't feel the need for DCC I like you want to personally control my layout and a DCC loco is not worth double what a DCC ready loco is. I also feel no need or interest in sound either It doesn't match the real thing for a start and is very annoying, during my working life I learned exactly what they sound like. and I don't need that annoying noise from my hobby. The sound on a Big Hauler I have lasted 15 minutes before I took the battery out of the tender never to be replaced. If however some one comes up with a good way that is easy to understand and make or install to replicate Electric staff operations I might be interested. regards John
  9. Hornby Dublo DCC

    Thank you for all your replies. I am old school philosophy and I believe the layout operator should be the train driver, the signalman, and shunter, so I will be keeping the layout mimic switch panel. I certainly would not go down the road of a fully controlled DCC layout including point signals and automated train control, so I would not spend excessive amounts on top of the market DCC components. I may pursue the DC sound option, but if DCC did improve the HD loco performance as well it may be worth pursuing. I might try it on one of the HD locos on a test track using a Hornby TTS and budget Hornby DCC controller before I commit to wholesale expenditure on the layout.
  10. Beaminster Road - Through Hardy's Wessex

    John, DCC Concepts sold the distribution rights to Gaugemaster and the SR barley twist lamps sold out very, very quickly. In the meantime, I have been creating some new contours on the once-abandoned Beaminster Road. Most of the work has been the creation of the station platforms, they do not look as if they were just plonked down, instead subtle contours have been created so that they 'blend' into the landscape. A Stationmaster's House and garden are being built and will located on the hillside some 15mm above the adjacent trackbed, the scenery shape is 5mm layered foamboard blended into the surrounding scenery with Advanced Polyfilla that has been smoothed with a wet 25mm brush. The work is easy but very time consuming whilst the stuff cures and dries for at least 24hrs. Parts of the old layout (the brown bits) have been retained as I was too idle to remove them, it also saved about a week of nugatory work. Scenery upgrades on Beaminster Road Tim
  11. Provence Metre-Gauge Railways - Nice to Digne

    In order to complete this series of posts on the Metre Gauge Railways of the Cote d'Azur and Var in Provence I have been working on a series of posts about the locomotives and rolling stock on the Nice to Digne-les-Bains Line. I have just posted the first of these: This post focusses on the Steam locomotives used on the line between Nice and Digne-le-Bains. It is unlikely to be comprehensive and I'd be grateful of any contributions by others which will add to my knowledge. I am hampered particularly by not having access to the seminal work on the network by Jose Banaudo, "Le Siecle du Train des Pignes." [25] The text of this book is in french and as it is out of print a good copy will cost well over 50 euros. If anyone has access to this book and is prepared to add to the text of the blog, please feel free to do so, or email me direct and I will update the post. I would be particularly interested in details of locomotives which ran on the Nice to Digne Line throughout its life and which are nor properly covered within the text below. As part of studies on the two other main-lines which made up the network of the Chemins de Fer du Sud de la France - the Central Var line and Le Macaron - we covered a lot of ground investigating early traction and steam power on the lines of the whole network and provided as much information as possible about rolling stock on the system. The relevant posts are: These posts are as comprehensive as possible for the era of operation of those lines and cover the period up to their closure after the Second World War. However, they are focussed on the two lines which closed. It make sense, therefore to review those posts in the light of a focus on the Nice to Digne Line. This blog sets out to do just that. I need also to acknowledge the support I have received in collating this information from Etienne de Maurepas (√Čtienne Thilliez).
  12. new year new project

    Hi all I have only been able to do a few minutes here and there at the moment So I am trying to do work that makes a bit of an impact. The vegetation is starting to thicken up. full front on view of the station The station area still needs some detail work like a working lamp pole single passenger a bit more greenery along the fence and maybe a cat. regards John
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  14. Manchester Victoria Station's Telpher

    Reading an old issue of the BackTrack Magazine I discovered something about Manchester Victoria Station, something of which I was completely unaware! As an engineer in my past, I should have been aware of what a Telpher is. Sadly, I have only just realised! It is an interesting piece of trivia. The Telpher was used to transport parcels across the full width of the station and operated throughout the interwar period. You can find out more by following this link:
  15. Mineral trains on the FCPyF

  16. Beaminster Road - Through Hardy's Wessex

    Hi Tim DCC concepts ?? regards John
  17. Hornby Dublo DCC

    I think it depends on your layout too, if you are running a lot of shunting operations then DCC is a good choice, the ability to control individual locos is a big positive. DCC sound requires speakers to be added too, lights can be added etc. DCC also works a lot better on modern motors rather than pancakes. Unless you are adding sound, loads of lights and features then a simple 3 function decoded will do the trick. I doubt convertingHornby Dublo to DCC would be worth it, but with modern locos they are set up, designed and take advantage of DCC features. Saying that, you can still run analog locos on a DCC system, the motor does squeel at the high frequency AC from the tracks.
  18. Beaminster Road - Through Hardy's Wessex After some difficult searching, a pack of SR Barley Twist lights have been procured. They are simply superb tho' just a tad too high but by using the shortest base they are very nice. A pack of six including two wall bracket lamps was less than one Viessmann lamp and they are supplied with a special circuit board - wonderful. Tim Hale
  19. Facebook links

    No, I am not. As previously stated I attempted to use the facility in 'Settings' Tim
  20. Facebook links

    Hi Tim, I think you are trying to log into the forum via Facebook, this Sync was removed by Facebook after their last hack. I have checked the connection to facebook and have disabled the feature on this forum if it is no longer available for our users and prevent confusion. Phil
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    Both Apple iPad and Windows 10
  22. Facebook links

    Very strange... what operating system and browser are you using just out of interest?
  23. Facebook links

    Jack, Quite...however the link displays the following message: Facebook disabled . Not syncing. Therefore, it doesn't work at all irrespective of profiles or groups. Tim
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    Facebook link is for profiles onlynot groups if that helps.
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  26. Facebook links

    Hi Tim, Where are you trying to upload this link? Thanks, Phil
  27. Tramways de l'Aude

    This is the final planned post on the Tramways de l'Aude.
  28. Facebook links

    Hi, I cannot seem to upload the link to my FB page, the reason is "non-synch" so I have resorted to inserting a link in my signature. Tim
  29. Beaminster Road - Through Hardy's Wessex

    Hi, Is anyone, apart from Buz, actually reading this? Not particularly exciting but the goods yard has been covered in a layer of (box) cardboard, a ramp carved from foamboard and then sealed with a coat of Heki 6600 textured concrete paint. Tomorrow, a few more layers of colour or Stangel Acrylmasse, it is fun and artistic. Tim
  30. new year new project

    Hi Tim Why Japan I know the quality of the donor motor chassis brand from my "N" gauge days (a long long time ago) Cost the passenger train, goods train and rail car sets with addition of motor chassis and trailer wheel and weight set work out at about fifty pounds per individual train pack to working model. Where easy and affordable to order from Japan so not a large expense if it turned into an oops fail. Easy to modify display kit into working model they are designed for that and make it round the Jouef Decauville curves which are about 6" radius and the track is no longer manufactured. I have never done a micro or narrow gauge before good winter project OOP'S its now summer and it seemed like a good idea at the time. By comparison the EX WD WHR Baldwin was near enough to one hundred and twenty four pounds is no good for the micro but will work on the larger layout when I get back to it but its just a loco at that price not a whole train. The real narrow gauge layout that is started is just a bit bigger and only base frame at the moment I got kind of distracted then volunteered for a Japanese cultural event because it is Japanese out line. So have to get on with it faster than I like doing things. The micro is just left overs from other projects and a few bits that where specifically bought for it oh! and a mistake purchase that was the station fence grabbed the wrong one but at least it is of use now regards John
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