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  2. Provence Metre-Gauge Railways - the Central Var Line

    There was also a Tramway between Grasse and Cannes. This next post covers that line .... Grasse also enjoyed a funicular railway linking the town centre with the PLM railway station. This post provides details of the funicular and also of plans which have been made but not yet implemented(if they ever will be) for a new funicular. .....
  3. I wonder whether forum members might like a thread about Rack Railways. I believe that the Snowdon Mountain Railway is the only substantial one now operating in the UK. Are you aware of others, and what about on the continent? Here is a link to a rack railway which no longer exists. It was in the South of France. TheRack Railway between Monte Carlo (Monaco) and La Turbie: What do folks make of these? Is this a worthwhile thread?
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  5. Staffs Rail General Photos

    The wagons at Axiom Rail are oversplling onto the reception line! Unusual to see an American loco in this country.
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  7. Provence Metre-Gauge Railways - the Central Var Line

    Hello, I am pondering converting my blog into an online book. This might prove of interest to some people. I have taken this a little further and produced the first few chapters of the book I am imagining. They are at the moment missing a contents page and and editorial page but I'd appreciate comments on whether the book might be worth publishing on line and whether you think it should be free or charged for? If you are interested, please follow this link via my blog: Best wishes Roger
  8. Provence Metre-Gauge Railways - Le Macaron

    This post relates to the length of Le Macaron between the terminus in Toulon and the town of Hyeres.
  9. Provence Metre-Gauge Railways - the Central Var Line

    A number of different railways met at Grasse.Two tramways, one from Cagnes-sur-Mer and one from Cannes approached the town from the south. A PLM branchline also linked Grasse to Cannes. There was a funicular railway linking the PLM (SNCF) railway station to the town centre, and there was the Chemins de Fer du Sud de la France Central Var line crossing the town on its way between Nice and Meyrargues. This next post covers the first part of the story of the TAM tramway between Cagnes-sur-Mer and Grasse: The second part of the story onmy blog on the TAM tramway between Grasse and Cagnes-sur-Mer:
  10. Hereford UK in N Gauge

    This fourth post about the making of the Station building contains details of the design work on 'Paint'
  11. Provence Metre-Gauge Railways - Le Macaron

    This is the next post in a series about the Chemins de Fer du Sud de la France's Coastal line between Toulon and Saint-Raphael. This post focusses on the PLM line which both competed for passenger traffic with Le Macaron between Toulon and Hyeres but also provided an essential link into the national network through the exchange sidings at Hyeres.
  12. Railways and Tramways of the Forest of Dean

    Moseley Green Tramways New Fancy Colliery in the Forest of Dean .... In the last few weeks I have been looking at the route of the Forest of Dean Tramway which was a major innovation in its day. Haie Hill Tunnel which was built for it in the very early 19th Century was for a short while the longest tunnel in the world. It was also one of the earliest tunnels built. The tramway linked significant industrial concerns in the Forest of Dean with the Severn Estuary at Bullo Pill. The owners of the tramway were also behind the first serious attempt to tunnel under the Estuary.
  13. Provence Metre-Gauge Railways - the Central Var Line

    This post covers the length of the line from Le Pont de Loup to Grasse.
  14. Hereford UK in N Gauge

    The third post about the making of Hereford Station Building:
  15. Provence Metre-Gauge Railways - Le Macaron

    The third post looks at one of the competitors to Le Macaron. The tramways of Toulon. The network reached as far as the town centre of Hyeres.
  16. Railways and Tramways of the Forest of Dean

    Parkend in the Forest of Dean is currently the terminus of a preservation line, the Dean Forest Railway ( Historically it was a small through station on the Severn and Wye Joint Railway with a short branch to transhipment wharfs that allowed tramways to transfer good to the main line. Further back still it was the centre of some major forest industries which were heavily served by tramways. The first image on the blog below is a map of the tramways at Parkend in its prime as an industrial centre in the Forest. There was a significant network of tramroads close to Parkend in the Forest of Dean.
  17. Railways and Tramways of the Forest of Dean

    There was also the Stratford and Moreton Tramway, I know it's off your beat but this display close to the RSC in Stratford upon Avon is a reminder of the plateways and waggonways that once existed.
  18. Railways and Tramways of the Forest of Dean

    4ft gauge can be modelled fairly accurately in 4mm scale by using OO track and mechanisms, 3'6" is not far off either, certainly no worse than using the same track and scale for standard gauge anyway.
  19. More mucking about with New Walmington Pier

    Mr Thompson a PE Teacher, must be a product of Loughborough University? It is noted for mass production PE Teachers!!
  20. More mucking about with New Walmington Pier

    Hi Dave Don't know how I missed this. Looking really good love the early plane on the back scene. I will stick with the tram those new fangled flying machines will never catch on Looks like I got 3.5 seconds of fame regards John NO report to the headmaster immediately regards John
  21. Llyn Cefni: A section of the Amlwch Branch

    A bit of progress today, decided to ass to the layout plan by adding a section towards Llangefni to represent the 'Dingle', which is the forrest in llangefni. I started progress on this by begining to scratch build a lattice girder bridge, which in real life crosses a river. On my layout, itll cross a river and footpath. Using styrene sheet cut into strips, i begun to create the sides. Using a jig I used to assist in getting the lattice square and paralel, i worked from the centre and worked outward. Then i made a start on the deck, using plasticard sheet. I used balsawood as strengtheners, which double as the longitudual timbers. I ran out of u-section for the lattice so Ill need to order some more. Once done, Ill cover the plastic sheet base with boarding or styrene strip to make decking. Then itll be a coat of primer and paint!
  22. Provence Metre-Gauge Railways - Le Macaron

    The second post in the series about the coastal line out of Toulon shows the competition it faced from other forms of transport and then focusses on the two main railway stations in Toulon ... first the PLM Station (SNCF now) and then the terminus of Le Chemin de Fer du Sud, the line that we will concentrate on in this series of posts.
  23. Railways and Tramways of the Forest of Dean

    Prior to the introduction of standard gauge railways in the Forest of Dean there was an extensive network of tramways or tramroads. These tramways were of a variety of gauges from 3ft 6in to 4ft. One of these was the Severn and Wye Tramroad. This post details the various branch and feeder tramways associated with this line. The tramway was replaced by the Severn and Wye Joint Railway. ...
  24. Provence Metre-Gauge Railways - the Central Var Line

    The next length of the Central Var Line takes us from Vence to Le Pont de Loup, the iconic viaduct which for many people defines the line:
  25. Hereford UK in N Gauge

    The next post in the story of the construction of the N Gauge model of Hereford Barrscourt Station:
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  27. Terminus, All Change!

    Just a brazen unashamed plug to say that my 'Terminus - All Change!! ' will be at the Rushden Model Railway Exhibition at Rushden Academy, Hayway, Rushden NN10 6AG on Saturday 28 April.
  28. new year new project

    Hi all Well the odd shaped board has turned into a two hay bale nightmare. It is just about ready for legs now but still needs a few bits of wood added. I decides this board is going to get the pieces needed for the fascia boards to be attached, added at construction and the cable mounts as well I want this one done completely except track bed when it is set up with the other two for pattern makers dowels. The other two can have the fascia mounts added after this one is done then it can be moved from the work shop to where I plan on putting it. regards John
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