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  2. Little Lawley

    The humble Peco buffer stop. I'd been toying with some fancier versions but decided I could do some proper modelling using these as the starting point. A few cuts here and there, followed by a whisp of primer and I had the above. Next up, using the photo in an old Heritage Railway magazine for reference, came the painting. Burnt umber, red, black and an off white did the trick. I want to weather lightly, then varnish them using matt varnish, just to stop the paint flaking. Finally, a test fit. Excuse the poor light (iPhone camera in hazy artificial light) but overall I'm pretty pleased with how they've turned out.
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  4. Bachmann two tone 37514 project....

    Very nice. I do like the Mainline livery/logo.
  5. Terminus, All Change!

    A British tram arrives at my 'Terminus - All Change!!!' Newest arrival is a 00/H0 scale Thompson-Houston 1890s Leeds Car obtained off eBay for £23! It looks like a Halling model, but the box is unmarked as it was for a UK commission and most of the stock ended up at Hattons. Mine didn't come from there.
  6. Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway

    Nice set of photos here Chris my frend,...
  7. Ipswich Fuelling Point

    Good picture thisfor ideas Dave cheers neil.
  8. Bachmann two tone 37514 project....

    Another 37 beastie!!! ive just finished weathering up my latest 37517... Another 37 has arrived on my workbench this evening,wasnt happy with the standard Bachmann weathering, so ive wiped it off and done my own...
  9. ViTrains: Creating a Split Head-code 37/0

    Very nice work here Caz!!! ive also done 37057 in EWS...
  10. 5a8a4eaf74677-IMG-0466(2).JPG

    From the album Modern image 00 (home layout)

    Dutch 37012 passing through Banks road level crossing on Saturday morning railtour...
  11. Hope you guys are well on here,

    not been on for while...

  12. Banks road, "Modern image" 1990 to 2013 loco"s

    Always nice to have top n tail "yellow 97s" visiting Banks road freight yard...
  13. Home Layout (Modern image) Freight Loco"s.....

    Hi folks,ive been busy adding more home made trees to this home layout build... hope everyone on here is well,not updated for while...
  14. More mucking about with New Walmington Pier

  15. Little Lawley

    John, what an excellent reply - thank you. Having had another look this morning I think it is your last point, that the track is moving, that is causing the issues. I’ve only clipped things together and dropped them in place at the moment, nothing has been properly laid and I think the movement is causing the issue. When I lay it i’ll ensure it’s all flat as a pancake. Thanks again, really appreciate it!
  16. Little Lawley

    Hi Chris Did you check the point over before laying it good idea to check the tags on the spreader bar are properly pushed in and all other bits underneath are OK. Some times the little tags that transfer the power from the stock rail to the blades need a little tweek with a jewelers screw driver be gentle they bend real easy and are easily broken. Also check the back to back measurement is correct on Wilbert that the pick ups are clean and making good contact with the wheels are the wheels clean? Is the track clean it has to be clean dirt is your worst enemy this will cause HR contacts which makes things stop or stutter. Layout size doesn't matter the same attention to track work and wiring etc is required for good reliability so check all your rail joints as well. Its an insulfrog it should not need more wiring however the question does need to be thought about should I have used an electrofrog point for this layout. At worst you will need to run extra feed wires to the track with some switches and possibly some insulated joints so you can switch off the feed from the area it is not wanted, You should not need to mess about trying to solder wires to the insulfrog point. Wiring is not the mystic dark art it sometimes seems to be. Just do what I did learn a little bit at a time as you need to do something, then more as you want to be able to do something a bit more fancy. regards John OH and after thought! is the track fixed down if not that will allow the track to move possibly enough to break the electrical contact
  17. Little Lawley

    The left hand insulfrog point I ordered arrived on Thursday (amazing service by Track Shack, incidentally, as it was ordered on Wednesday afternoon). I wasted no time cutting the track and clipping everything together. I plugged the controller in, placed Wilbert in the 'tunnel' and out he came, cab-first, chuffing gallantly and proudly towards the point, which was set to go on the siding. He tackled the point blade with ease and then... Stutter. Stall. A quick prod got him going again. This time, going forwards, the point was no problem at all. So I tried him in reverse again. Frog. Stutter. Stall. Curse. Having looked around it seems the issue is Wilbert's 6 wheel arrangement with short wheel base locks being an issue over insulfrog points. Can I solve this in any way? On a micro I think track laying and running needs to be perfect. I've relaid the point and track to make it as flat as possible. That seemed to cure the issue going into the siding but left the main line a bit stuttery. Wiring is not my bag, the thoughts of soldering extra picks ups or extra feeds under the point bring me out in a cold sweat! Any help would be gratefully received.
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  19. Kings Lynn MRC Open Day 17/02/2018

    A fine selection of layouts on show at their clubrooms today, including some 'Inglenook' micro layouts and a Single Line Terminus:
  20. New Walmington Pier - 2018 Exhibitions

    For anyone in the Cambridgeshire/Fenland area, I will be exhibiting my OO9 scale 'New Walmington Pier' micro layout at the March & District MRC Exhibition on 3rd March at March Braza Club, Elm Road, March PE15 8NZ 10:00-16:30. Located other side of level crossing by March Station. Pedestrian access directly off station platform.
  21. Going round the bend

    Grande is now connected to the rest of the FCPyF with work progressing on the scenery...
  22. CazRail: Fleet

    37057 has been added to CazRail's operational fleet after spending 5 months in the workshops. Stored on 3/12/04 from the WKBN pool, 057 last worked 6D18 Holyhead - Warrington Arpley before being stood down. It has now returned to traffic alongside 37174, 37411 and 37419.
  23. My 2018 Exhibition Schedule

    Date Layout Venue 3 & 4 February Terminus – All Change!!! Stafford Railway Circle,Staffordshire County Showground, Weston Rd, Stafford ST18 0BD 3rd March New Walmington Pier March & District MRC, March Braza Club,Elm Road, March PE15 8NZ (adj March Station) 14th April Terminus – All Change!!! Luton Model Railway Club,Stopsley High School, St Thomas’ Road, Luton LU2 7UX 28th April Terminus – All Change!!! Hope Methodist Church, Rushden Rushden Academy, Hayway, Rushden NN10 6AG 9th June New Walmington Pier Trains at Trinity,Trinity Methodist Church, Shortmead Street, Biggleswade SG18 0AP 23& 24June New Walmington Pier Totally Models,Blackpool Transport Services, Rigby Road, Blackpool FY1 5DD 14th July Terminus – All Change!!! Joe & Pauline Lock Robert Barclay Academy, Cock Lane, Hoddesdon EN11 8JY 18th August New Walmington Pier Bishop’s Stortford Railway Society,Birchwood High School, Parsonage Lane, Bishop'sStortfordCM23 5BD 28th October Terminus – All Change!!! Colchester & District MRC,Colchester County High School, Norman Way, Colchester CO3 3US
  24. Little Lawley

    On my way back to Crewe yesterday - to watch the football -we stopped at Trident Trains. There were a few little bits purchased (ballast, buffer stops and a length of flexi) but I also finally got hold of an Oxford 4-wheel Toad. I know it has faults but, for what I paid, I couldn't say no. I wasn't too bothered which make it was as I'm toying with repainting it to match the one at Telford. I will remove the Acton markings though, regardless. Finally for today, here is an overall shot of Little Lawley. The point is a set-track one which I think I'll replace. I'm not sure yet. Overall, however, I'm quite happy with how things look. What's next? I'm not quite sure, yet.
  25. ViTrains: Creating a Split Head-code 37/0

    Managed some progress on 37057 today whilst watching Scotland v France in the 6 nations... Now all decal'd up, next up after the varnish dries is fit it out with windows, which will be the original for the time being, and to *possibly* steal the chassis from 37425 (which is out of traffic at the minute as it needs new decals) to get this one running. This will mean the need to wire my replacement LEDs. Onward...
  26. More mucking about with New Walmington Pier

    After cutting back some track at the shore end of New Walmington Pier (009) to eliminate the rough running I was left with a blank area. I recently found a shortened Bachmann Cable Car body and thought 'What an ideal Shelter' so after a bit of touching up and weathering, The former Walmington Town Tramway horse-drawn body will be relocated at the shore end of the pier as the new shelter. As John (Buz) says: 'A model railway can be completed but its never finished'
  27. new year new project

    Hi all Done regards John
  28. new year new project

    Hi all Well given that more board work is out for now some time was spent getting some trains ready to use. these are display models by Tomix that can be used provided you use the extras packs Tomix make to turn them into usable models. One contains a motor TM-TR02 I need two and could only find one the other kits contains proper model railway wheels weights and couplings, admittedly "N" ones rather than 009 ones but that can maybe change later. just have to paint steps white ,then add steps to loco then all done. The open wagons had to be repaired as the tabs on one side broke these are very thin and fragile. regards John
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